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Simon Doom

Simon Doom is currently comprised of:

Simon O'Connor (Kuroma/Amazing Baby/Thulsa Doom)
William Berman (Kuroma/MGMT)
Jim Carroll (Pure Love/Hope Conspiracy/Suicide File/Clouds)
Brandon Collins (Rewards/Apse)
William Flynn (Sleepers Work/St. Vincent).

Been rocking since fall 2014!

Native Sun

Native Sun is a four-piece rock n roll band from Brooklyn. Loud and urgent, their music breeds a beautiful chaos evocative of each member's experiences. Frontman Danny Gomez first met lead guitarist Jake Pflum while growing up in Florida. After years without contact they reconnected by chance on a random evening in the city, rekindling their friendship over their mutual obsession for The Rolling Stones and Velvet Underground. They immediately forced their best friend Alexis Castro to play drums (who had only just recently began teaching himself how to play). Bassist Mo Martinez uprooted to the city from Monterrey, Mexico. In hopes of playing music he reached out to Danny through mutual friends and naturally completed the band's lineup.

Dolly Spartans

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