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This is an American rock 'n' roll album by big American pop star Perfume Genius.

Known early as a poster-wraith for notorious, joyous, tortured and free boys, girls and their fellow travelers, the first two albums by Perfume Genius consisted largely of exquisite and cruelly abbreviated songs seemingly sung in the dark at a piano with all the silences left in. The previously most recent album, 2014's Too Bright, stepped out saucily onto a bigger stage, expressing, with the production help of Adrian Utley, emotions arranged all along the slippery continuum from rage to irony to love. Now here we have seized the vocabulary of the full expression of all music.

Here in 13 ferocious and sophisticated tracks, Mike Hadreas and his collaborators blow through church music, makeout music, an array of the gothier radio popular formats, rhythm and blues, art pop, krautrock, queer soul, the RCA Studio B sound, and then also collect some of the sounds that only exist inside Freddy Krueger. Tremolo on the electric keys. Nightclubbing. Daywalking. Peter Greenawaying, Springsteening, Syreetaing.

Luridness was a quality of music in the 1960s that is mostly since shunned. The big male crooners were all fiercely lurid as an expression of passion or lustiness or general dickability. That's something perfect to take back. You took us to church and told us to believe in ghosts. You took us to school and told us to believe in the great American project of inclusion. Instead we started f*ing to the great American project of rock and roll. There's more than one sexy soul song here. Seduction is also spellcraft. Rock and roll was an incantation, a beg to give it up baby. It's not that different from begging Some Thing to not let you die when you are alone and afraid.

Blake Mills - the one who produced the Alabama Shakes record and who performs with John Legend - produced the record with precision and expansion. Some things are pretty and some are blasted beyond recognition. In the studio with Shawn the engineer, Mike and Blake would hear quite different voices as they worked and they built this together.

God is all around actually and some of these songs are about being equal and some are about the witchcraft of believing. This is church music the same way Prince's Black Album is - too dirty. It's femme art pop the way Kate Bush's The Dreaming is - too scary. Prayer is indistinguishable from OCD but feels a lot cleaner.

1."I felt like when I made these other albums, people were like why are you talking about these things, and now people are going to be like, why aren't you talking about these things, because everything's so terrible. I'm never not talking about it. My life is existing in the fucking face of it. My music will always be in protest."
2."I pay my rent. I'm approaching health. The things that are bothering me personally now are less clear, are more confusing. I don't think I really figured them out with these songs. There's something freeing about how I don't have it figured out. Unpacking little morsels, magnifying my discomfort, wading through buried harm, laughing at or digging in to the embarrassing drama of it all. I may never come out the other side but it's invigorating to try and hopefully, ultimately helpful. I think a lot of them are about trying to be happy in the face of whatever bullshit I created for myself or how horrible everything and everyone is."
3."I can steal from people that are on the inside and act as if. I created my whole identity around never being on the inside."

Who gets to live now? That's a question up for active international debate. Lots of folks are getting a clear view into what they all think of us. When we can, we should not have to care. You should feel great listening here, even when you're sad. Our job is to find love and connection and goodness. Records like this, records that make you feel like you're 15 and just seeing the truth for the first time, are excessively rare. They're here to remind you that you're divine.

--Choire Sicha

Kristin Kontrol

Sometimes you have to rip it up and start again.
After eight years as the driving force behind internationally-acclaimed rock outfit Dum Dum Girls, Kristin stepped out from behind the pseudonym. More quantum leap than artistic pivot, she recorded her solo debut in collaboration with producers Kurt Feldman (Ice Choir, Depreciation Guild) and Andrew Miller (UUV, Hunny).

X-Communicate was released via Sub Pop in May 2016 to high critical praise.Highlighting the singular quality of Kristin’s voice and songwriting, the album moves effortlessly between tempo and mood, using genre rather than adhering to it.

“X-Communicate does what pop songs do best: it takes a moment and blows it up to its largest possible size for all to enjoy.”—Pitchfork

“She’s hitting reset, forcing us to rise to the occasion and see female creators as something more than our preconceptions.”—MTV News

“There are sparkly synth ballads and icy New Wave tunes, and Welchez finds her inner Kate Bush behind the microphone. But it all makes sense because the whole record is so relentlessly, meticulously catchy that it coheres in ways few albums this varied could.”—Los Angeles Times

“A collection of pulsing synths, bouncing beats and empowering vocals, X-Communicate may have seen Kristin Kontrol strip away her former image, but it’s left the singer’s sonic presence stronger than ever.”—Clash

“X-Communicate…is one of the best pop albums of 2016.” —Idolator

“Drastic shifts like this aren’t easy to pull off, but Welchez has the chops and talent to succeed with Kristin Kontrol.”
—Consequence of Sound

“X- Communicate and the evolution into Kristin Kontrol show Welchez becoming an absolute machine when it comes to hooks.”—Stereogum

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