Wailin Storms, Pujol

Now back with the fuller, louder, thicker new album “Sick City” to be released October 2, 2017 on Polish label Antena Krzyku, from the scorched blood red plains of Corpus Christi, Texas to the soaked heart of the eastern shore swamp, Durham, North Carolina based four-piece Wailin Storms drags out the body and fixes your gaze upon it in all its doom and glory, presiding over a pure and holy noise collision the ghost of Elvis looms pale in the dead of night reflected in muddy waters below twisted up blues coiling liquid, and snaking veins spill out the reverb guitar and bass amplified to the hilt at the lip of the stage opening wide to receive.

Daniel Pujol is an artist based out of Nashville, TN. Music City serves as the home-base for his eponymous musical project, Pujol. His back catalog includes numerous singles, EPs and LPs on labels such as Third Man Records, Infinity Cat Recordings, and Saddle Creek Records. In addition to music, Daniel writes prose and poetry. He has been published by The Nashville Cream, Third Man Books, Sobotka Literary Magazine, Impose Magazine, The Walrus, etc. The latest Pujol release is a blend of writing and music called KISSES. Daniel is currently working on a chapbook of prose poetry entitled Mighty Stranger and a new Pujol LP.
KISSES is eight tracks: three poems and five rock & roll songs. The EP is the second in a series of limited releases from Puj’s Bartertown Co-Op. So keep the dial set to PUJOLDOTCOM.com for all Pujol related news, and remember:
“You can’t save the world, but you can heal it–if your kisses blow one at a time.”
Yours truly,
Funky Magus

Minor Stars

Minor Stars is an indie psych rock band from Chapel Hill, NC. Strong songwriting meets heavy rhythms, fuzzed-out guitars and soaring vocals to create music that bristles with energy and refuses to stand still. From the '70s rock swagger of Queen to the quiet intimacy of Elliot Smith, Minor Stars focuses these divergent rays and projects them with reverence for the heaviness of Black Sabbath. It's stadium rock for introverts, a sound that has a "wonderful kind of brutality" (Scott Solter, producer, John Vanderslice, Mountain Goats, Superchunk).

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