LISTEN - The Darkside Of The Moon

Envelop is making spatial audio accessible to the public through our immersive sound spaces and open source software tools.
Envelop allows us to listen and create music in the same way that we naturally experience the world, in three dimensions. This heightened experience of sound and music can be heard within one of Envelop’s sound spaces (Envelop at The Midway and Envelop Satellite), home or studio surround sound systems, and even normal headphones. Envelop’s software can also be used with virtual reality and augmented reality platforms that support spatial audio content. Envelop is providing access to a richer and more natural experience of sound and music, and with that experience comes greater shared moments of intentional listening, inspiration, and wonder.

Envelop was started by Christopher Willits, Roddy Lindsay, Elan Rosenman, Alingo Loh and Andrew Kimpel.



In celebration of the total solar eclipse, we're presenting Alan Parson's original quadaphonic mix of Pink Floyd's legendary album "The Dark Side of The Moon"!
This is an entirely new experience of this classic work of early spatial audio. 
Envelop co-founder Roddy Lyndsay has upmixed the original and rarely heard 4 channel mix with the Envelop software creating a 28 channel experience that respects the original.

Audio engineer/musician Alan Parsons originally created this mix in 1973 for Quadraphonic, an antiquated proto-surround sound system. The 4.0 system consists of the horizontal configuration of Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left, and Rear Right channels.

Pink Floyd will not be present at this event! -∆<


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