Josh Sinton's Musicianer

Josh Sinton's Musicianer

Josh Sinton was a composer before he was a performer. But his compositional work is little known given that his most well-known outfit, Ideal Bread, exclusively performed the music of his teacher Steve Lacy. With musicianer, Sinton’s song-writing comes to the fore. Begun in 2015, Sinton’s songs are equally informed by the work of Nina Simone and Bob Dylan as well as Ornette Coleman and Lacy. His material ranges in subject matter from a sad rage rage over civil rights (Evening of Mourning) to commuting (pediments) to personal nihilism (devoid of Form, Devoid of meaning). Sinton asked his good friends bassist Jason Ajemian and drummer Chad Taylor to join him on this expedition knowing they would bring the perfect balance of precision and abandon his songs demanded. musicianer has just released it’s debut album “slow learner” on Iluso Records and they’re playing at Constellation to celebrate this!

Josh Sinton - baritone saxophone and song writing
Jason Ajemian - bass
Chad Taylor - drums

“Josh Sinton’s Pine Barren is full of wit and irony, not to mention an impressive amoung of straight-up tune-smithing…an ambitious but richly listenable and entertaining album."


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