Luke Rathborne

"laid-back, confident new wave-meets-classic rock cut containing just the right amount of Nick Lowe and early R.E.M." - VICE

“goes back and forth through the American Underground…certainly one to watch” - Zane Lowe - BEATS 1

"Rathborne’s sweetly deranged way with a melody brings to mind Brit 70s art-punk hot-boxing a runaway mustang with Ty Segall.” - Q Magazine

Luke Rathborne announces today two new releases, the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Maine singer/songwriter who since moving to New York has garnered an impressive following through recent 2015 release Soft. Today, Rathborne has two new songs to share – “Don’t Call Me Baby,” an evocative pop tune, and “I Wish I Was A Bird,” a dreamy ballad.

“I was lying my head in the hospital bed just before the room caught fire..” his newest song paints a picture vividly in the tradition of storytelling songwriters, and follows a singular tale of American people in love.

Produced and engineered by Claudius Mittendorfer with Rathborne co-producing, the recording features the Bass talent of Darren Will with Rathborne filling out the arrangement. The song was recorded in the Chelsea district of Manhattan in the same studio where Wu Tang Clan recorded, “Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers)”

"You could really feel the history in the room,” Rathborne said. The song was recorded over a day using some of the techniques of 50’s recording with a clear inspiration from Roy Orbinson’s “Pretty Woman” and the words of the late great Townes Van Zandt.
Rathborne had been making music since his early teens - playing in high school punk bands, and sneaking into the local college radio station at night to record his own music. By age 18, his hunger for a larger scene to immerse himself in was palpable.
After moving to New York, Rathborne started his own small label True Believer in order to self-release tracks (independently garnering over 9 million streams on Spotify), and booking his own shows across the city. Early attention from press came – Noisey, Vogue, Nylon, Interview Magazine, and Billboard have all written about him, with SPIN describing the most recent release as “channeling the garage-rock sludge of Ty Segall and resurrecting the melodic charms of R.E.M.”
“Don’t Call Me Baby” was co-produced by Claudius Mittendorfer and Luke Rathborne and features Darren Will on bass and Jamie Alegre on drums, with additional synths by Jimmy Giannopoulos. “I Wish I Was A Bird” was co-produced by Ted Young and Luke Rathborne.

L.A.'s No Win is the solo power pop project of Danny Nogueiras (he gets help from his friends for the stage). You might know him from his time drumming in FIDLAR but if you did know that it's best if you forget it because No Win doesn't sound like FIDLAR.
No Win played their first ever show in the summer of 2015 A.D. (and have subsequently played shows with good bands like FIDLAR ((of course!)) and Quarterbacks and others I have yet to write about for I am only one man) so there's still plenty of time to get in on the ground floor of this musical goodness.

[.....] I hope you like strong melodies and solid jingle jangle and a few well-placed “whoa oh ohs" to keep things positive and sunny and bouncing. I know I sure do."

-Patrick McNamara, Oh My Rockness

Eli & The Itches

Eli Pearl grew up in Venice Beach, feasting on hefty portions of glam rock, soul, and early punk while most of his friends were becoming more and more enamored with the rise of auto-tuned rap and EDM. When he was eleven years old, his mother was convinced to buy him a guitar in hopes of keeping him out of trouble. By the time Eli was thirteen, he was getting recognized for his wildly intense stage presence and was regularly playing live in bands at LA clubs including the Whiskey A Go Go, the Key Club, and the Roxy.

Following in the footsteps of his rock music idols who went to art school, Eli attended The San Francisco Art Institute. Daily critiques of works were grueling but instilled a respect for the process of formulating, producing, and presenting his artistic vision, which often incorporated sound for a full and complete sensory experience. After graduating in 2011, he went on a summer-long tour across the American South as a steel guitarist with The Driftwood Singers. Eli returned to Los Angeles to form The Brixtones, a trio that blended 60s style country with English psychedelic rock. The Brixtones played regularly around Los Angeles and recorded a self-titled EP for which Eli wrote all the material. Simultaneously, Eli spent a year creating after school music classes at an elementary school in Compton, California while interning for Hans Zimmer. Eli has worked as a session guitarist with producer/songwriter Linda Perry for more than two years and was featured on her Vh1 reality series "Make it or Break it with Linda Perry". Recent TV work with Linda includes a week as the house band on CBS's special late night version of "The Talk." While working for Linda, he performed and recorded with numerous artists including Natasha Bedingfield, Aimee Osbourne, and Courtney Love.

Never content to be 20 ft. from stardom, Eli recently shifted his focus back to his own music and set out to record his first full length solo album. He spent the winter writing and demoing more than a dozen new songs, on which he played all the instruments and provided all the vocals. He realized that he had the makings of an album and decided to link up with producer Luther Russell and engineer Jason Hiller. Over the course of fifteen days they re-recorded 12 of the songs and completed the eponymously titled album "Eli & The Itches." This is somewhat of a concept-based album and the stories it tells are inspired by the less celebrated residents of L.A.'s underbelly including a few bad cops, some good girls who might be boys, a sci-fi femme fatale, and a paranormal mistress thrown in for good measure. "Eli & the Itches" harkens back to some of the sounds of Berlin-era Bowie melded to the NYC gutter narratives of Jim Carroll, with a modern flavor, a recipe that is quintessentially Eli.



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