Daniel Dewan Sewell (Born March 16, 1981), better known by his stage name Danny Brown, is an American hip hop recording artist from Detroit, Michigan. He is known for his individuality, being described by MTV as "one of rap's most unique figures in recent memory." In 2010, after amassing several mixtapes, Brown released his debut album, The Hybrid. Brown began to gain major recognition after the release of his second album XXX (2011), which received critical acclaim and earned him such accolades as Spin's "#1 hip hop album of the year", as well as Metro Times "Artist of the Year". In 2013, he first obtained Billboard chart placement, with the release of his third album Old, which reached number 18 on the US Billboard 200 chart and spawned three singles, "Dip", "25 Bucks" and "Smokin & Drinkin".

Rapper from Berkeley in California, USA. Member of The Pack (2).

My stage name is Jlin, but my real name is Jerrilynn Patton. I love creating and composing music to life. My musical journey began at the end of either 07 or 08, I can never remember exactly. I create from the things are that make me most uncomfortable about myself. My best creations come from me having to face myself and acknowledge the things about me that I know need to be fixed. Water is my greatest inspiration. It flows, it clashes, but it never stands still even if it appears to. I try to be like water, just like legend Bruce Lee said to be.

Quote: 2015 - LA Times – (article #2) – "Jlin, showcases footwork's most modern manifestation and takes it in ridiculously innovative directions."


Container is the minimal techno project of Ren Schofield of God Willing. God Willing is Ren Schofield, from Philadelphia. He also runs the label I Just Live Here and used to play drums in Dynasty. Occasionally he can be found jamming with Deep Jew.

Venus X

Venus X is the harlem native behind NYC's hottest party GHE20GOTH1K, along with Shayne Oliver who went on to create influential fashion line Hood By Air. A place where dance music, rap, r'n'b, and experimental noise all came together in one melting pot. Since the parties early days, Venus has traveled the world over spreading her sense of style and sound to new ears.

The young Detroit-born producer & DJ has made waves early in his career with 2 amazing releases on Omar-S' underground techno taste making label FXHE. Resident Advisor recently crowned him the new school of house music, and has a hotly anticipated 12'' releasing soon on London based The Trilogy Tapes.

Detroit Lines

DETROIT LINES is a new duo between Detroit's SKYWLKR and BLACKNOI$E, two of the hottest rap producers and beat selectors in the city. Their radio show DM NATION is on Red bull Radio. HIT THE DM BRUH!!!

$27.00 - $30.00


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