Common Ground Fest West ft. LAYNE

WRENN is an alternative rock/grunge band from Los Angeles, California. They play loud music and want everyone to get angry in a healthy way.

Glacier Veins

Dream Punk from Portland, OR.

Super Whatevr is the aftermath of a series of wrong turns and bad decisions made by Skyler McKee. These mistakes have led Skyler to write upbeat tunes about his disgruntled daily life, creating a cornucopia of happy misery; a state of blissful despair. Their inverted-insignia ‘happy tunes for sappy dudes’ pokes fun at the current idealism of pop culture, when in actuality the further you dig into the material, the more gritty realness you encounter from the melancholy brainchild known as Super Whatevr.

"Good luck, good luck to you love."

Super Whatevr worked with producer/engineer Jon Joseph (Borns, Gungor) on the new single "Good Luck."

Super Whatevr is Skyler McKee, Thomas Waale, and Luke Mensink.

Sincerely, Me

Cory Wells

When all goes south, Point North

Featured in print issue 224 of Rocksound magazine; interview, album review for EP "A Light In A Dark Place" (8/10)

Early Internet is the new project of Dean Stafford and a variety of other Austin based performers. A veteran of the Austin music scene, Stafford was a member of Pompeii for over ten years, releasing three albums, including 2014's post rock masterpiece 'Loom.' After going on a hiatus with Pompeii. Stafford returned his focus to steadily writing and arranging his own songs.

As Early Internet, Stafford writes quiet pop gems in line with influences like Nada Surf and Ben Gibbard as well as contemporaries such as Frightened Rabbit and Mitski; songs tinged with nostalgia and crafted with a careful eye for heartbreaking lyrics and arresting musical details. Since late 2015, he has been performing with a variety of musicians from fellow local bands like Football etc, A. Sinclair and more to bring the songs to life. The first Early Internet EP is set for release later this year.

Charlie Saxton


Frankie Foti

Magic Castle Magician

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