HELL-A: Relive the Horror This Halloween in Downtown Los Angeles!

Enter the historic Los Angeles Theatre in Downtown LA if you dare and experience this one-of-a-kind night of live entertainment and screenings of 3 films from the critically acclaimed Halloween film franchise. Spend this Halloween reliving the horror with special encore screenings of the Halloween movies featuring John Carpenter’s original Halloween film and both of Rob Zombie’s Halloween films. We’ll be starting this hell-raising evening with a celebrity orange carpet after which attendees will get to explore three full floors of fun and fear. Experience the sCare Bar and its maze of terror, watch the Living Dead Pin-Up Girl contest, party to live music, be mesmerized by our ghoulish magicians, grab something to eat in the Hell’s Kitchen Pizza Parlor and trick-or-treat at the candy bar.

Hosted By: Brett 'Big Schwag' Wagner

Brett -Big Schwag- Wagner has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years, starting out as a actor in Hollywood at the tender age of 21. The past 20 years Brett has guest starred in over 60 different tv shows and films. From “Hanna Montana” to being a series regular on “ The Jaime Kennedy Experiment”. Brett has done it all.

In the mid 90’s Brett got involved with pro wrestling and was running the WWE’S minor league company Ultimate Pro Wrestling in Orange County California. Producer Thom Beers found Brett while filming a documentary called “ Wrestling School” for Discovery Channel and asked Brett to come on board and be the voice for a brand new show called “Monster Garage” with Jesse James. Brett was the voice of the show for 5 years and 89 episodes and even filled in as the host for 4 episodes. From there Discovery Channel took notice and gave Brett his own show called “Monster Nation” which he hosted 40 episodes. Brett also got to co-host the popular first annual “Biker Build Off” awards with Bill Goldberg for Discovery Channel.

Showing: John Carpenter's Original HALLOWEEN (1978)

On a cold Halloween night in 1963, six year old Michael Myers brutally murdered his 17-year-old sister, Judith. He was sentenced and locked away for 15 years. But on October 30, 1978, while being transferred for a court date, a 21-year-old Michael Myers steals a car and escapes Smith's Grove. He returns to his quiet hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, where he looks for his next victims.

Showing: Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN Evil Has a Destiny (2007)

In Haddonfield, nine year old Michael Myers is being raised by a dysfunctional family. His mother is a stripper, his foster father is an abusive alcoholic and his sister is promiscuous.

Showing: Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN II Family is Forever (2009)

Taking place one year later, Laurie is now living with Sheriff Brackett and his family. Michael’s body has been missing since last Halloween and Laurie has been having recurring nightmares about him.

Performance By: Hurricane

Hurricane is a powerful hard rock band from Los Angeles that formed in 1984 by Guitarist Robert Sarzo, and Bassist Tony Cavazo. Cavazo, former Quiet Riot and Snow bassist, was introduced to Sarzo by the late Quiet Riot frontman, Kevin DuBrow in the early 80ʼs. DuBrow suggested they put a band together and they did just that. Cavazo and Sarzo being the siblings of the classic Quiet Riot lineup guitarist and bassist Carlos Cavazo and Rudy Sarzo, decided to create a monster.
They recruited singer Kelly Hansen and drummer Jay Schellen and hit the ground running. With little label interest, the band decided to release a mini-album themselves, Take What You Want. The album and constant touring led to them getting a major label deal. In 1986 & 1987 they opened for Christian metal band Stryper on their To Hell with the Devil album tour. They were soon signed to Enigma Records, the same label as Stryper.
In 1988, the band released their major label debut album, Over the Edge. In 1989, Sarzo left the group and was replaced by ex-Lion guitarist, Doug Aldrich. This lineup recorded the album Slave to the Thrill, which was released in 1990. In 1991 Schellen wrote, recorded and toured extensively with both Unruly Child and Sircle of Silence while Hansen did a considerable amount of session work. Schellen suggested that Hansen help with the recording of Unruly Child’s second release, and shortly after they agreed to resurrect Hurricane. In 2010, Robert Sarzo and Tony Cavazo, founding members, reunited and recruited singer Andrew Freeman and drummer Mike Hansen.

Performance By: SKUM LOVE

Skum Love the man was known among the touring industry and was synonymous with filth, debauchery, and his dealings with the perverse. Skum Love was also a house hold name in Hollywood’s most notorious nightclubs and alleyways. While Skum was promoting clubs all over southern California, touring the world and spreading the “brand” so to speak of Skumlove there was always a musical itch that wasn’t being scratched. Skum under the wing of Glen Danzig began the first incarnation of Skumlove using Danzig‘s then band consisting of Joey C and Todd Youth. Although having access to an easy road through friends in the business Skum Love was a self-made man and this incarnation died due to creative differences.

Skum worked with different artists in Los Angeles but nothing was clicking musically as his sound was misunderstood by Los Angeles’ Musicians Institute graduates and current scene locals. Skum met M Robinson through Dino Cazares of Fear Factory (later to be dubbed Robyn Sin by Dave Teague of the Dickies while in the green room of Roseanne Barr’s talk show – another story all together) and without hesitation brought him into the world of Skumlove without hearing a played note. From early writings in a Venice studio apartment to a North Hollywood apartment where the songs were first recorded using wave files and playing over a Roland Groove box and a Radio Shack Karaoke machine, the first song “Ego” was born. Being an entrepreneur Skum and Robyn burned discs night after night and spent hours at Kinkos making the 3 song demo which was later distributed and sold thousands throughout Hollywood nightclubs.

Performance By: Tres Muertos

We come from the San Fernando Valley California, our three piece band consists of Os'-guitar/vox Crudo-tololoche/vox Skum-baterista. We don't play your conventional psychobilly, our sound is well, take a listen for yourself

Performance By: Cigaratz

We are Cigaratz from Ventura County. Psychobilly Rock n Roll.

$30 - $150


​General Admission Tickets include​ ​first come, first served​ ​seating in the theatre for all 3 movies. 

VIP Tickets include​ ​all-access event pass, goodie-bag, photobooth ticket and reserved movie seating in the center rows for all 3 movies.

VIP+ Tickets include *professional makeup, all-access event pass, goodie-bag, photobooth ticket and reserved movie seating in the center rows for all 3 movies. 

​4:00 PM Will Call Open
5:00​ PM​: Doors
6:15​ PM​: HALLOWEEN Evil Has a Destiny (2007)
7:00​ PM​: Celebrity Orange Carpet
8:15​ PM​: HALLOWEEN II Family is Forever (2009)
10:15​ PM​: HALLOWEEN (1978)
12:00​ AM​: Midnight Ends This Night of Fright

*Appointment Required*
**Notice: all tickets are non-refundable. Some activities included with admission are not wheelchair accessible. Email info@rockagainstms.org for more info.**

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