Velvet Winter singer songwriter Talon Majors has had quite the life journey to end up where she is today. After a nearly fatal health scare at the end of 2015, Talon recorded her first 3 song ep with producer Doug Grean. In 2017, she ventured vocally into new terrain and named her project Velvet Winter. Talon is currently working with producers Andrew Furze and Todd Bergman. The sound is largely experimental, it can best be described as electronic soaked indie rock. "-Unique, while bordering on the untried. Yet even though it’s essentially brand new, it retains just enough orthodox elements to make it very listenable. Excellent stuff!" -Huffington Post
Velvet Winter's first single, Crystal Heart, was released in March 2017 and was well received by both fans and press. "Lyrically, the track carries a full-bodied message that showcases self-love and the highs and lows that it takes to reach the state of assurance that Velvet has reached pertaining to what her crystal heart is worth."
Talon's musical roots run deep. Traveling from the cool clean mountains of Colorado to the smog filled cityscape of Los Angeles, Majors is anything but your run of the mill pop singer. Talon's voice is uniquely soothing, yet compelling and edgy. Combining cool blues tones with jazz and indie pop rock elements, she has definitely found where she belongs. "I actually didn't start as a vocalist. My first love was saxophone, then it was drums." Talon's musical journey began at an early age. She played alto saxophone in elementary school and transitioned to tenor sax in middle school. She was gifted her first drum set by her uncle Pete at age 14. She fondly recalls the rebellious teenage 'garage band days'. "I've always loved loud music and crazy hair. I've also consistently been incredibly outspoken and somewhat of a free thinker. I learned at a young age how incredibly judgmental people can be about anyone they do not understand." After moving to Los Angeles in late 2013, Talon began songwriting. "I battled drinking and anxiety meds for years. I guess I have the classic 'artist with a broken past thing' working for me!" She laughs. Nightmares of a life splattered with abuse and addiction plagued her for years. "I hope to connect with people with troubled pasts whether its drug abuse, eating disorders, sexual orientation and others. My heart goes out to people with depression, PTSD and other illnesses that you can't see on the surface. But everyone has the power to dig deep and overcome these issues. If you live in someone elses shadow, you'll always be behind your dream."


Nothing professional. Nothing signed. Just easy, light, alt-pop music.

Hailing from Denver, CO... High-energy, guitar driven grit-rock weaving its way through soulful, heartfelt melodies. Bright. Fast. Fun. Loud. CITRA.

CITRA tore into the Denver music scene in January, 2016 with their debut EP - Ocean. The EP promised a bright future for the band, released only three months after their meeting. The album rockets off with the opening track "Settle Down", and weaves it's way through an eclectic mix of melodic, at times harrowing, non-stop rock, highlighted by the band's pleadingly powerful title track, "Ocean". Armed with a care-free style the band aims to inject a bit of fun into the EDM and folk-rock dominated Denver music scene.

Following the release of their debut EP, Ocean, CITRA returned to the studio in the summer of 2016 to begin recording the follow-up single, "Air" accompanied by the B-side titled "My My Mind". Released in January of 2017, the single looked to build on the momentum the band had built over their first year together. Contrasting in style, the songs continue to illustrate that CITRA will be a hard act to paint into a stylistic corner, the two tracks representing vastly different wings of the ever-clouded indie rock genre.

Capper and Friends

A rant seems appropriate. . . .tying ends together the only way I've ever known how, I listened to what reverberated on the inside and picked up the blue Ibanez deity I'd soon call 'home'. Those six strings elevated each of my senses. Each fret taught my fingertips a thing or two about war. Every chord, foreign or not, reached out and plucked through the muscles in my throat until a "voice" began to ring. I learn something every day and that education never goes unnoticed. I appreciate the support to no end and will never, ever give up.

Aloha with love.



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