Sugar Candy Mountain

Sugar Candy Mountain

A mix of Os Mutantes, The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Kinks.

"Sugar Candy Mountain, a side project of Ash Reiter, has been sharing tracks from their upcoming LP Saudade Love on Bandcamp, and it's music any fan of indie pop and/or psych rock should check out immediately. Drummer Will Halsey, who splits lead vocal duties with Reiter, tells me Saudade Love is a collection of songs he wrote while touring with The Blank Tapes in Brazil and a few "psychadelic tunes" he's been working on with the rest of the band back in the Bay Area. While Reiter's music under her own name is mostly sunny pop, Sugar Candy Mountain drifts out into the spacey psychedelic territory Halsey mentioned, while throwing in a bit of electronica and Brazilian influence for good measure. Despite the slightly different musical direction, Sugar Candy Mountain still crafts ear-catching hooks that I want to listen to over and over." -- Bay Bridged

One of Tucson's newest and most promising young acts to take up the shoegaze helm. Mute Swan brings you crisp, heavy hitting psych rock for fans of Black Angels & Tame Impala.

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