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A monthly Americana showcase and variety show features local Spokane musicians from a vast array of American genres celebrate the music culture of country, soul, old-time, folk, bluegrass and so much more. All hosted by multi-instrumentalist and critically acclaimed songwriter Jenny Anne Mannan.

Jenny Anne Mannan

Northwest native Jenny Anne Mannan began her musical education at a tender age, touring with her family’s bluegrass band, The Bullas, and garnering awards at fiddle contests along the way. In 1998 she moved to Nashville with her brother Luke Bulla, where the pair co-founded a band and became fixtures in the Nashville bluegrass scene. Jenny Anne toured with country songwriter Paul Overstreet, and was often a guest of artists such as Ricky Skaggs, Chris Jones, and Jim Lauderdale. Since her return to Spokane, WA, where she currently lives with her husband, author Caleb Mannan and their 4 children, she has released a solo record, Saints and Sinners, in addition to lending fiddle and vocals to Irish band An Dochas. She has been a recurring guest of Sean and Sara Watkins on their critically acclaimed show Watkins Family Hour and has played with John Cowan at the legendary Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Her songs have been recorded by John Cowan ("Little Match Girl", Comfort & Joy) and Sara Watkins ("Lock & Key", Sun Midnight Sun). Jenny Anne’s music pays homage to her bluegrass roots as she chronicles the westward journey of a generation, a family, and a sound, in a style all her own. She is an American Songstress.

Kevin Brown

Singer-songwriter Kevin Brown makes his home in rural Northeastern Washington state, not too far from the farms where two sets of great-grandparents settled a century ago. Living amidst the Ponderosa Pine forests and rivers that spill out of the Selkirk Mountains, it's not surprising that Landscape and Place play an important part in Kevin's songs. But the rich natural world of the surroundings is not just a backdrop, but also serves as a metaphor for exploring the landscapes of the heart and soul -- faith, family, love, the passage of time, and the interwoven fabric of earth and humanity. Brown made his debut as a songwriter with his album "The County Primaries" which No Depression called "easily one of the best debuts of 2010", and followed up with "The Beloved Country" in 2012, and "Book of Skies" in 2015. He also plays mandolin in the rhythm & bluegrass band Big Red Barn, hosts the radio show "Front Porch Bluegrass" on Spokane Public Radio, and is the music director for the Blue Waters Bluegrass Festival

Sulphur Banks

Trio based out of Spokane, WA featuring haunting harmonies, Mackie, Sarah Jean, and Kaylee create a perfect collaboration of dialed back acoustics and multi-faceted vocal melodies.

Scott Ryan

It would be impossible to draw a straight line through Scott Ryan's repertoire and hit every genre and sound he's managed to flirt with over the years; he's a bit of a restless, sonic explorer. And yet, every wild, eclectic idea has always been unified by a literate, witty lyrical style and of course, that powerful voice.

Born and bred in the northwest, Scott spent his early years in eastern Washington and Salem, Oregon. Raised in a musical family, Scott Ryan learned to sing performing with his father (something of a musical celebrity in the northwest) and made music with his siblings from an early age. After teaching himself to play guitar and knocking around the Salem music scene for a few years, he moved to southern California to study music. It was there that he began to build a unique catalogue of songs and a reputation for dynamic live performances. His sound is layered and eclectic, often alternating between unabashedly wild left turns and quiet, unexpected beauty. His lyrics seek to find common ground between idealism and the life we are given, while attempting to bring solace and humor in the midst of questioning.

After 10 years of releasing records, touring the west coast, sharing the stage with acts like Josh Ritter and Wild Belle, collaborating with artists like Robert Delong and licensing his music for film and television, Scott and his family migrated back to the Pacific Northwest where he began new projects, playing guitar for Water Monster, and beginning work on his newest release, 'Object Permanence.' Inspired by the turbulence of transition, as well as financial concern, Object Permanence pays tribute to some of Scott's most influential pop and rock records of the past, sonically nodding to artists like Bowie on 'Spent (Prosperity Gospel),' the Beatles on 'Louise Louise,' and even some Harry Nilsson and ELO on epic closer, 'Invisible Inkling.' These songs are psychedelic, rabbit-hole pop music at its best, and showcase Scott's continuing artistic evolution. From folk to indie rock to avant garde power pop, with Scott Ryan, its next to impossible to guess what he will do next. Rest assured however, that whatever it is, it will be well worth a listen.

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