Notion Presents, The Untz, and Sonic Bloom are proud to present: the first ever Sonic Bloom event in Chicago. On March 20th, some of the most profound artists in the 2015 music festival scene will take the stage together for one memorable night at the Copernicus Center. Doors open at 7:30pm. There will be more than 10 artists from all over the world will perform. One night and two stages filled with amazing music and art.

Random Rab is the musical brainchild of producer, instrumentalist, and singer Rab Clinton. With over 10 full length albums, a highly dedicated fanbase, and countless shows across the world, he fills a truly unique niche in the electronic music scene.

In addition to his popular Sunrise Sets, he regularly performs in theaters, clubs, and festivals both as a solo artist or with a live band. His live sets commonly include a mixture of live instrumentation, musical electronic production, live vocals and video projection.

Eve Olution

Eve Olution is a Performance Artist and Visionary Director that infuses a unique style and frequency of intentional ritual through movement & myth. With her background in theater, Eve has alchemized traditional and classical style with evolving themes of consciousness that are viscerally woven throughout her Performance Art. Through the embodiment of archetypal energy, her devotion is in bringing forth these live vibrations to evoke healing, awakening, and transformation to the audience. After decades of wielding her passion and the manifestation of her evolutionary visions, Eve breathes tangible magic with every performance.

$15.00 - $70.00

Tickets Available at the Door

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