Sadie Saturday Nite with Jean Caffeine + Penelope Houston with Tom Heyman - Private Parlor Show (($10 adv/$15 day of show))

Sadie Saturday Nite with Jean Caffeine - stories and songs about growing up punk in San Francisco

Jean Caffeine From drumming to all girl bands to honky tonking and indie-folk singing, Jean has lived nine totally fascinating lives.
Jean's life adventures vaulted her from a young SF punk drummer frequenting the Mabuhay in San Francisco, chronicled in her new one-woman-one guitar player show, “Sadie Saturday Nite” which she performed in Austin, Buffalo and at the Hamilton Fringe Fest ON in 2016. This show has morphed into the "Sadie Saturday Nite" album which will be released on Joe Records Sept. 1.
Jean migrated to New York in the 80’s and was recruited by founder Ann Magnuson to drum for Pulsallama , a theatrical buzz band who opened shows for the Clash, and were featured in Interview Magazine. Pulsallama was sampled in 2016 by edgy artist Danny Brown’s on “Atrocity Exhibition”.
When Pulsallama disbanded, Jean formed Clambake with Holly George Warren and two former Austinites Liz Gall and Cathy Crane. Clambake’s unreleased EP was more-than-mixed by Alex Chilton.
Eventually Jean moved out from behind the drum set and into Austin where she fronted Jean Caffeine’s All Nite Truckstop releasing a variety of cool records including, “Jean Caffeine’s All night Truckstop” “Knocked Down 7 Times, Got up 8 , “Idee Fixe” and “Geckos in the Elevator” . Jean's current single is "All Girl Band" . Each verse is about each of the bands she played drums in.

Jean is also a visual artist and has exhibited in North America. She was an animator for Linklator’s ‘Waking Life. and if you look carefully you can has a cameo in the movie ‘Slacker’.

About Jean’s music:

“Jean Caffeine is an important part of American music culture. Not because of the places she has been or the people she has met, but because her songs document them in a truly individual way. She is a cultural historian of sorts. Oh, and the songs kick ass too.”-411 Mania

“terrific songcraft” -The Austin Chronicle

“Slanted and enchanted” -Pop Matters

“Brenda Lee meets Patti Smith” -Austin American Statesman

Penelope Houston with Tom Heyman

Penelope Houston has never abandoned her teenage rebel. Since 1977, when she formed the iconic punk band, the Avengers, she has forged a new sound and released a dozen award-winning recordings on both major and independent labels. With SF's Tom Heyman, she will be performing an intimate version of the dark literate folk-rock from her latest album On Market Street.

In reviewing the album Paul Freeman (Mercury News) writes "For the last 30 years, Houston has been one of the Bay Area's most vital musical artists. A punk pioneer with The Avengers, she has evolved into a brilliant solo artist. The new album, instantly grabbing, makes a more indelible impression with each subsequent listening. Lyrics and melodies are equally arresting. The indie folk-rock encompasses a range of styles, from edgy to whimsical '50s to subtly textured strings to jangly guitars and swirling Hammond B3. Houston displays a sense of humor on "Scrap," and a deeply moving social conscience on the poignant title track. Houston is an expressive vocalist and an extraordinarily eloquent and insightful songwriter."

About tonight...

Sadie Saturday Nite is a one woman/one guitar player show about growing up punk in San Francisco. It's stories and songs about coming of age in the Mabuhay Garden's scene in the 70s. The show is lean, dark, funny and tender and speaks to lovers of punk, DIY subcultures or anyone who's ever had their heart broken. Austin guitarist, Aaryon Russell will be backing Jean up on guitar.

Penelope Houston is a SF punk icon and like Jean she has extended her musical boundaries beyond punk, into folk and roots music. On this double headline bill, Penelope will be playing an acoustic set with local songwriter/guitarist Tom Heyman.

Jean and Penelope have remained great friends since the late seventies and are excited to share a stage again.

Photo credit: James Stark

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