Fatai - Live In The Moment Tour 2017
There are voices that make sense to us, and then there’s Fatai. Soaring vocals that are powerful and yet delicate, hosting great depth and sincerity, Fatai knows how to take us on a journey through story and melody.

Heard by millions on tv, radio and online, Fatai’s favourite place is face-to-face, sharing a moment with people, in the present.

After having sold out her first ever tour in the USA in 2016, she takes to the road this September to visit the cities of a vast land she now calls her home.

Live In The Moment Tour 2017 is the perfect time to come and share with Fatai and others, surrounded by a soundscape of stories and melodies. Come to sing, dance, rest, be free, and live in the moment with Fatai.

$15.00 - $20.00


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