Pathogenic, Vivisepulture, The Beast of Nod, Graviton


Since their inception in 2008, Massachusetts' Pathogenic have recorded and released two albums, played well over 100 shows and completed two US east-coast tours, including dates in Canada. In 2009 they played the New England Deathfest in Providence, Rhode Island, and in 2012 they were featured on the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and the Worcester Deathfest in Worcester, Massachusetts. In both 2012 and 2013, the band opened the Worcester, MA stop of the Summer Slaughter Tour. Hard at work on material for a new release, the band is excited for the future and eager to bring their show to your hometown.


Inspired by the great symphonies of old, the art of storytelling, delving into the very psyche of man, and the mighty gods of the ancients! We bring the very silence of the Shadowsphere itself, and within that silence? A wretched curse and a lonesome end for the weary soul. Vivisepulture, a word not uttered since the Latin language perished rises as well, back to life a distinguished, malevolent being devoid of its former self, to claim a prize it sought long ago.

The Beast of Nod

Intergalactic death metal from Boston, MA with technical, old-school, and progressive elements.

We are a 4 piece Thrash band based out of Townsend Massachusetts. Though our sound is undeniably influenced by our love of Thrash, we incorporate all our various loves of Heavy and Extreme music. As a result you can hear elements of Death Metal, Black Metal, Technical and Progressive elements coupled with the power of Doom and riff based Hard Rock of the 70s and 80s in our music. We have also grown tired of the monotony of modern production so we are steadfastly opposed to recording or playing with AxeFx, Triggering used with Superior Drummer or Autotune. The power and soul of metal is derived from people playing instruments together and moving air, not commanding 1's and 0's to drive digital copies.



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