The Aquadolls

The Aquadolls

The Aquadolls were founded in Janurary 2012 by Melissa Brooks, the lead singer and writer of the band. Shortly there after Melissa began recording bedroom demos of the songs she had been writing and eventually formed a relationship with Fullerton-based indie label Burger Records who released the Aquadolls first and only EP titled We Are Free in early 2013. Their songs put forth a trip out, as well as aggressive surf punk vibe as they discuss love, opening your mind, hating being a teenager, and even wanting to go Britney on someone and smash their windshield with a baseball bat. Playing at venues such as the Smell, the Observatory and the Echo, Brooks and her band gained a local following in and around Southern California. In November 2013, London singer Kate Nash invited The Aquadolls to open for the West Coast leg of her tour, which culminated in a friendship between Nash and Brooks and a mutual appreciation for feminism and the "girl gang" mentality. In 2014 they've played shows with Jenny Lewis, the Vivian Girls, La Sera and La Femme as well as playing the Burgerama, Burger A-Go-Go and Beach Goth festivals. The Aquadolls debut album Stoked On You is being released by Burger Records on December 2, 2014 and Melissa is currently in the studio working on her next album with Hollywood based producer Aaron Greene. Just be a mermaid, and join the cult that is Melissa Brooks and

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