BBoy Summit 17 - Healing the World Thru Hip-Hop



2on2 battles in breaking, popping & freestyle, healing the world thru hip-hop panel, live grafitti mural, Blackbook contest, dance & mc performances, raw ciphers, kids battle, hip-hoops tournament, park jam, hip-hop marketplace and dance workshops.

FEATURING: Lord Finesse, Evil E., Medusa, Percee P., Mykill Miers, Wildchild, Miles "Baby Boogaloo" Brown, Air Force Crew, Styleelements Crew, Queenz of Hip-Hop, Hex Tgo, Grand Official, Gr818ers, Lyrical Landlords, Tek, XMob, Jeckle & Boogie Frantick, Loose Caboose & Co., Alfie & Brother, Salvajes, Artson, 7Triibes.

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