Sally•Can't•Dance - New York Dolls Tribute


In a time when everyone says New York City is dead, all the artists, outlaws, and anything fun has been forced to the outer boroughs, a group of friends and instigators have decided to come together to start a monthly rock ‘n’ roll party, Sally Can’t Dance. It’s a night to bring all the tribes together, dressed up and messed up, for decadence and debauchery on the dance floor. This is a place for fast kids and old pros, drag queens and young punks, glitter glam and doom.

Sylvian Sylvian (The New York Dolls)

Member of The New York Dolls 1970 NYC.

Jonathan Toubin

American guitarist, DJ, and owner of the label New York Night Train. Based in Brooklyn, New York.

Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group)

American musician, composer and writer, born 27 December 1946 in Manhattan, New York, USA. Guitarist for Patti Smith Group and Elektra label historian.
Married to Stephanie Kaye.

Walter Lure (Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers)

If you've never lived in NY, you might not be that hip to the WALDOS, but just fifteen or so years ago, they were one of the most entertaining and authentic in-person rocknroll bands on the planet. This aging flash-city-rebel can still vividly recall when a Waldos performance was a big event, something to look forward to, when all the Babylonian cognoscenti were packed sardine tight with bozo-red lips abuzz with talk of Johnny sightings (shooting up in the girls restroom) and whether or not Thunders or Keef or somebody were supposed to show up later. It used to be fun.

Steve Conte (New York Dolls, Willy DeVille, Michael Monroe)

“Steve Conte is one of the best kept secrets of the music business - but hopefully his new album will fix that.”
- Steve Lillywhite (Producer; Rolling Stones, Johnny Thunders, XTC, U2)

The NYC based "triple-threat" (guitarist/singer/songwriter) Steve Conte is an artist you've probably heard many times without even realizing it.

As a solo artist and with his bands; Company Of Wolves, Crown Jewels, The Contes & The Crazy Truth, his songs, voice & guitar riffs have been in the public's consciousness since 1990; on major radio stations, MTV, feature films, television programs & anime series. His albums burn with raw, passionate rock 'n' roll and his live shows blend soulful-singing, story-telling songs and blinding guitar playing. You might call it, "Americana With Attitude."

Besides a rich solo career, Conte is a former member of the legendary New York Dolls and has also recorded/toured with Willy DeVille, Billy Squier, Paul Simon, Peter Wolf & Wille Nile. Steve is currently lead guitarist/songwriter/backing vocalist for legendary Hanoi Rocks frontman, Michael Monroe.

His most recent solo release, International Cover-Up is a collection of songs written by some of his favorites; Tom Waits, John Lennon, Willy DeVille, Jagger/Richards and more. The album has been described as “High energy and tough” by Elmore Magazine and has spawned for Conte, a second Coolest Song Of The Year on Little Steven's Underground Garage Radio, the punky, "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight".

His first "Coolest Song" came in 2014 when Van Zandt picked up on his solo debut, Steve Conte NYC and named the track "OK DJ" the #2 Song Of The Year, just behind Springsteen's #1.

“The 'Steve Conte NYC' album is, without a doubt, one of the best records of the year!”
- Little Steven Van Zandt

In addition to performing live in NYC and around the world, Steve is currently producing music for other artists and doing recording sessions as a studio guitarist & singer.

Kenny Aaronson (New York Dolls, Joan Jett)

Kenny Aaronson was born, bread and buttered in Brooklyn, New York. He started playing drums at the age of eleven, following in his older brother's footsteps. Kenny switched to electric bass at the age 14 after becoming enamored by the low end of the bass on Motown records that he would hear on the jukeboxes in local pizza joints. To this day, he is still a huge James Jamerson fanatic. As a teenager, he played bass for Brooklyn based hard rock band Dust, which included Marc Bell (a.k.a. Marky Ramone), which released two albums in 1971 and '72 on the Kama Sutra label. In 1973, Aaronson joined the New York band Stories, who's single,"Brother Louie", reached #1 on the Billboard, Cashbox and Record World charts.

Kenny Aaronson went on to become a recognized world-class rock and roll bassist with his extensive touring and recording with a variety of artists including Bob Dylan, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, Billy Squier, Foghat, HSAS (Sammy Hagar, Neil Schon, Kenny Aaronson, Michael Shrieve), Brian Setzer, Mick Taylor, Dave Edmunds, Robert Gordon, Graham Parker, Hall and Oates, Edgar Winter, Leslie West Band, Rick Derringer, Corky Laing, Carmine Appice and many more.

In 1988 Kenny was named Bassist of the year by Rolling Stone Magazine. Aaronson was also bassist in the house band for the MTV Guitar Greats Show where along with Dave Edmunds, Chuck Leavell and Michael Shrieve, he had the opportunity to back up artists as diverse as Steve Cropper, Brian Setzer, Lita Ford, Tony Iommi and Dave Gilmore. A few of Kenny's most memorable moments in his career were auditioning for the Rolling Stones, recording with George Harrison and opening for Led Zeppelin.

Kenny Aaronson has supported singer song writer John Eddie since 1996. In the summer of 2011 he toured with the New York Dolls supporting Motley Crue and Poison in the US along with solo Dolls dates in Austarlia. In the fall of 2011, the New York Dolls toured the U.K. supporting Alice Cooper. Recently Kenny has played with Philadelphia's "In The Pocket" (partners David Uosikkinen, Eric Bazilian, Tommy Conwell, Jeffrey Gaines, Soul Survivors, Jim Boggia, Ben Arnold, Cliff Hillis and other Philadelphia musicians). Kenny has played with The Yardbirds. since 2015 and will be touring with The Yardbirds in the summer and fall of 2016. Kenny is available for studio work, as well as producing.

Alix Brown

Alix Brown is a DJ, musician and fashion muse living and working in New York City. Alix was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, where she cut her teeth playing in bands and throwing dance parties, before moving to Memphis, Tennesse, where she began touring internationally and running Shattered Records with Jay Reatard.

Alix’s evolution took her to New York, where she worked at Academy Records and played bass for Golden Triangle, playing at SXSW and being signed by the Sub Pop subsidiary, Hardly Art. Alix’s wide-reaching knowledge of music and performance led her toward DJing and working as a Music Director. It was a natural evolution; her early days of working in record stores and digging internationally have amassed her with an enviable record collection and a sonic understanding shared by few.

Highlights of her illustrious career include playing at Don Hills, Kenmare, Paul’s Baby Grand, The Standard Hotel, weekly parties with co-DJ Tennessee Thomas at Soho Grand, Roxy Hotel, Hotel Chantelle; and parties for the likes of Playboy, Campari, Samsung, Levi’s, Surfrider Foundation, Jill Stuart, Ralph Lauren, Helmut Lang, Pamela Love, Eddie Borgo, Pam Hogg, Alexa Chung, Cartier, Bally, and more. She is the Music Director for the Soho Grand Hotel, Roxy Hotel, and Jack Austin’s, where she curates the music playlists, bookings DJs, live acts and even curating screenings in the Roxy Cinema. She takes a personal approach to each client, considering the space and audience to elevate each experience.

With her carefully developed taste for vintage sounds and style, it’s no wonder that she now wields an encyclopedic knowledge of rock n roll and fashion history.

"Part shaman, part seductress, Liza Colby was born to earn the Queen Of Rock N’ Roll mantle. Her music is for sinful Saturday nights, and redemptive Sunday mornings. It’s heartbreak music; it’s music of sexual liberation; it’s music for when it matters most. It’s The Liza Colby Sound. It’s the music we need in these times.

Imagine Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden meets James Brown at the Apollo. Picture Tina Turner prowling the stage like Iggy Pop with vocals that conjure Aretha Franklin and Humble Pie’s Steve Marriott. Hyperbolic? Nah, come to a show, and look out for The Liza Colby Sound’s upcoming EP, DRAW.

“When I sing, I want it to be badass, feminine, empowering, and ooze sexuality,” the New York City-based artist says. “I want to kick mother#$&ers in the face with rock n’ roll.”

The Liza Colby Sound is known for an aesthetic that harnesses the grit of garage rock, the anthemic power of classic arena rock, the sweat-soaked salvation of a soul revue, and the sneering defiance of punk rock. Liza’s vocals are boldly vulnerable, shaking the rafters and rattling your soul. LCS sound has toured throughout the East Coast, performing in venues such as Webster Hall, Bowery Electric, PNC Bank Arts Center, The Wellmont Theater, and Jones Beach. LCS has also performed to a packed house at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles. To date, the rock n’ roll quartet has issued two EPs, previous releases include the well-received High Yellow (2011) and Live(2013).

The Liza Colby Sound includes a trio of musicians who have played for almost two decades. These formidable instrumentalists boast impressive resumes that include working with Ozzy Osbourne, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Raging Slab, Suzanne Vega, Garland Jeffreys, Lenny Kaye, Jim Carroll Band, the Del Fuegos (featuring Dan Zanes), The Paley Brothers, Denis Leary, and Joey Ramone, among other well-known names. These all-stars are also known for scoring music for film and TV, most recently they’ve contributed to the Denis Leary show Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.

The core of The Liza Colby Sound is Adam Roth guitar, Alec Morton bass, and C.P. Roth drums. December 2015, Adam passed away after a brave battle with cancer. LCS has remerged with fiery psychedelic guitarist Tom McCaffrey (Gloria Gaynor and Liberty DeVitto) as a full-fledged member.

Outside of The Liza Colby Sound, Liza has lent silk and sandpaper vocal stylings to Enrique Iglesias, Denis Leary John Legend, The Gold Setting, Johnny Burgos, The Sweet Things, Chris Rock's movie Top 5 (which featured her song “It Ain’t Easy”), Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (she’s the singing voice of Elaine Hendrix). In addition, Liza’s voice has appeared on ESPN, VH1, NASCAR, and Sesame Street.

DRAW channels the power of LCS live. The 4-song EP crackles with fiery musicality, muscular grooves, and moments of reflective soul-ballad beauty. The leadoff single, “My World,” explodes open with an iconic, instantly recognizable guitar figure. This future smash is a gritty and seductive pop-rock number that explores the expanse of female sexuality from dominant to submissive with relentless moxie. On the track, guitarist Adam Roth turns in solos that evoke honey dripping down on naked bodies. The simmering soul waltz “I Love You” conjures the longing of being desperately in love with someone who is going to leave and the cocksure “Cryin”.

The EP is a tribute to the tenacity of The Liza Colby Sound, and it also represents a brave new future. “The title ‘DRAW’ means it’s time to pull the trigger.” Liza says with graceful defiance. “We will Mach Schau.”


Evan Stanley (The Dives)

Evan Shane Stanley (born June 6, 1994) is an American rock singer, songwriter, guitarist, record producer and painter, best known for being the frontman of rock band, Kiss, Jr.. Stanley established the "Starchild" character for the Kiss, Jr. persona.

DJ Miss Guy (Toilet Boys)

Miss Guy is best known as a cutting-edge songwriter and solo artist, as the lead singer of Toilet Boys, and as “a pioneer in the DJ world” (Marc Spitz/Spin) as one of the first Open Format DJs. Born in Southern California, Miss Guy grew up in the Rock scene of New York City with mentors including Deborah Harry and Boy George.

Christian Dryden (The Ritualists)

Eric J. Toast

Sam Harris (The Sweet Things)

Lynne Von Pang

Michael T

David Pattillo

"There aren’t many artists of our generation who embody the blues, live and breath rock and roll, and are authentically and genuinely themselves. Strange Majik is one of them."
Katina Goulakos - Imagista

“Visions of worn out denim, flared trousers and smell of nostalgia run through its grooves and yet the songs somehow come kicking and screaming into 2016 with a real reverence. For anyone with a passing interest in funk, blues, AM radio rock and the classic sounds of the early seventies, this album is a veritable treasure trove. Don’t miss it.”
Lee - Real Gone

"Watching David Pattillo (who goes by the moniker “Strange Majik”) perform makes you want to fist bump to the tune of rebellion and replace your bedroom door with beaded curtains."
Greg Mania - Creem Magazine

If you are one of the mindless masses that falls in-line with the fallacy that rock-n-roll is dead, then obviously you have not treated your ears to Raised On Rock 'N' Roll the latest piece of music from NY’s Strange Majik.
Chris Martin -

"Seriously, this guy's got a hand in so much musically it's hard to keep track."
Adam Industry - BBOX Radio

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