Your Friends Fest 2017

Indie rock quartet Horse Mode formed in Billerica, Massachusetts, in 2010. Playing a mix of rhythmic math rock with tinges of prog and some '90s alternative energy, the band was started by vocalist/guitarist Jay Powers and drummer Ryan Sunderland, eventually incorporating bassist/vocalist Joel Gray and guitarist Dave Boz in 2011 and 2013, respectively. Friends since high school, the Lowell-based four-piece played in different band incarnations in the years prior to Horse Mode. They released a six-song demo, Remember The Dinosaurs, in 2012. Packed with crunchy jams, their sound recalled the complexity of Battles and Minus the Bear and the jagged edges of Fugazi and Built to Spill. Their official debut LP, All You Ever Talk About Is Jazz, was released in 2015 on Ocelot Records.

Awaaz Do

Riding a wave of critical and public acclaim for the release of her 2013 postcolonial pop album Lingua Franca (as Saraswathi Jones), Tanya Palit decided to turn Bollywood up to 11. Palit assembled Awaaz Do to pay a punk rock tribute to modern and classic Bollywood hits, and channel Saraswathi through a few hot Strat pickups. Awaaz Do - literally "Make Some Noise" - features Jagdeep Singh of Faux Ox, New Orleans-trained bass player Maanav Thakore, Leilani Roser of Hammer and Snake on drums, and Sapan Modi, guardian of SubDrift Boston, on dhol and guitar.

"Wisecracking, potty-mouthed, “slut positive,” volume-cranked, indie rock with something of a ‘60s vibe and a lot of contemporary attitude."
- Greg Cook, WBUR

PowerSlut combines lyrical dexterity with honest and raunchy rock n' roll, then packs it into a miniskirt and sneakers and shoots it all over your face. Their sound has been described as "early-’90s guitar-rock mixed with slutty urges" (Vanyaland). On July 3, 2014, PowerSlut released their debut album "With Great Power Comes Great Slut." Their sophomore album "The Second Coming," produced by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios, will be released on August 5, 2016.



A project to bring new life to old songs. Members from Psychic Dog, Lonesome Red, HookerClops, The Bikes, Milkweed, and more


Sprung from the ashes of the Kalimazoo Precinct of Women Wrestlers (KPOWW), BLOWW was started in the winter of 2003 by Nurse Agony and her evil henchman Mucho Sexo. Together they enlisted a few unlucky ladies and unleashed its wrath on April 27, 2004. Since then we have gone through various roster changes, countless ring boys, new bands, but always the same attitude.

BLOWW is the land of lewd ladies, crewd announcers, skimpy clad ring boys, and face melting rock! This party rolls louder, faster and harder than any other show around.

There is no Jello or mud, so stop asking already! But we will rock you and we can show you a good time without having to scratch our number on a bathroom wall.

$12.00 - $15.00

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BLOWW (Boston League of Women Wrestlers)

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