Honeytiger is a two-piece cheesesteak/hoagie/indie/garage rock from Philly. Their music blends indie-rock, garage-pop and mercurial pool jumping that energizes the crowd, makes them weep, and has them wagging their tails. From soaring falsettos to guttural screams over big drum beats and catchy guitar riffs, Honeytiger has an unusual combination of intensity and melancholy that is usually reserved for slow motion car crashes. Honeytiger started in 2015 and their album "Half Clean" is out now on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

Sublaymen is an esteemed rock group hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having been described as passionate providers of "post-LMFAO party rock," the band assembled in 2016 with the sole intention to inject energy and excitement into an otherwise jaded local scene. Their digital single 'Tarantula' acts as a testament of the band's ardor and will set the standard for future releases and endeavors; the debut release was produced by none other than Jack Hubbell of the psych-rock ensemble Telyscopes and is available exclusively via Bandcamp.

Matt Arthur

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