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Starting out as a fledgling group in the environs of Los Angeles, Daniel David (vocals guitar), Kelly Mead (bass), Seth Jared (Guitars), Jordan Stricklen (Guitars) and Brad Hurst(drums) set out to record a series of four songs alongside the talents of Brett Hestla (Creed , Framing Hanley, Dark New Day) in March 2011. Joining together the unique interplay of hard-hitting rock with the more eclectic tones noted in modern-day rock, Spence emerged on the Hollywood scene having established their talent under the banner of a new tonal range.

Marked by this distinct new sound, Spence quickly attracted the attention of Hollywood's nightlife, playing at a variety of well-known venues, including The Roxy Theatre, The Whiskey, and The Viper Room. While the bright lights and multiple bookings earned Spence a certain level of notoriety, the foursome found the town lacking in possibilities. The growing buzz that was beginning to take hold beyond Los Angeles was largely silenced by a town that was set on molding the group to fit its own brand of artistic definition, a brand that Spence did not embrace as its own. The seduction of Hollywood's myriad nightclubs continued to call, yet Spence found itself increasingly at odds with the city's demands to quell their pursuit of authenticity. It quickly became clear to Spence that honoring their own definition of success would necessitate their departure from the illusion of Hollywood's gleam. Thus the decision was made to reach out to the devoted fan-base that was rapidly growing beyond the borders of Los Angeles.

Today, Spence has garnered a broad and devoted fan-base that has re-affirmed their enticing brand of musical authenticity. They continue to pay homage to this devotion by touring various cities across the country, offering performances marked by the original sound that first enticed an audience. While the band's career is still in its infancy, they continue to find inspiration in their fans who have made both their struggles and achievements worthwhile.

Left In Ruin

Life Before Us


Demonshifter, born and raised out of Toledo, Ohio. Is a five peace metal/hardcore band that has been throwing it down since 2011. Having only gone through two members in the past 2 years replacing drums with Kell and back up guitar with Juan has only made them stronger.

With in the past 2 years they have played with bands such as Soulfly, Incite, Spineshank, Mushroomhead, The Agonist, Strait Line Stitch and many many more. With there EP released in 2012. There full length Life Questions Life is do to be released mid summer of 2013. With past reviews Demonshifter has been said to sound like the greats. Such as Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and the all mighty Soulfly. Which just happens to be one of there favorite bands. Demonshifter is ready to hit the road and show America just what they are all about. You can download their EP at . And look for there new album this august.

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