Local Motion

In honor and celebration of local music - the COASTL boys have remixed all your favorite local bands into dance floor magic! Hosted by Indy's hottest music venue the HIFI and Spark Joy Music.

Come hear Moxxie, Veseria, Audiodacity, Minute Details, Tommy, Happy Incident, Among the Compromised, Tracksuit Lifestyle and MANY MORE like you've never EVER heard them before.

There will be lasers.
There will be strong drink.
Laugh, Dance, Boogie, Jump
There will be booties to bump.

Dance off against DJ Peener Bunny and Batman!!

This is not a show. This is a celebration. This is a throw down. In honor of the artists of your town. It like an entire music festival packed into a few crazy hours. Get on the floor and get wild!!

Buff Trucker
Breck Nilsson
Chuck Harness

Blood Handsome



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