LPR Presents Lola Kirke

Musician/actress Lola Kirke was born in London and grew up in New York City, but her beautifully plaintive songs, twanging guitar melodies, and smoky vocals will make you think she’s the time-traveling true brains behind Cosmic American Music, Outlaw country, and the '60s Upstate New York scene. She released her debut EP last fall and is set to release her first full length early next year.

Avi Buffalo is a musician originally from the southernmost city of Los Angeles County, Long Beach, California. He started writing and recording songs with a Logitech USB computer microphone into the Audacity program at the age of 15 and playing with an ensemble of friends, which eventually spun itself into a collaboration between him and renowned pianist Aaron Embry (Elliott Smith, Brian Blade, Daniel Lanois, etc.) and an album released in 2010 on Sub Pop Records to critical acclaim. A beautiful follow up record was released in 2014 on Sub Pop, followed by touring and then a deep hermit phase before new songs and live performance began to emerge.

Cassandra Jenkins

A songwriter who knows how to "leave an impression" with "elegantly celestial climaxes, emerald green-glowing guitar work" (p4k) and "smoky" vocals (NPR), Cassandra released self-titled EP, in 2013. Bedded in haunting arrangements of tremolo guitar and washy organ, she draws you into a world lying somewhere between Mazzy Star and Twin Peaks. It's an arrestingly intimate place, where if you listen closely enough, you'll find something as timeless as it is bittersweet.

She now stokes the campfire with new surfy, psychedelic energies from Celestial Shore’s Sam Owens (vocals, guitar) and Austin Vaughn (drums) to set the sound of the Cassandra Jenkins Band. The flames roar in a vivid vision that braids swelling desert melodies and textbook sincerity. It’s the kind of pop that steals your breath but replaces it with a limb-surrendering rhythm.

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