David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe

A life-long renegade, singer/songwriter David Allan Coe was one of the most colorful and unpredictable characters in country music history. One of the pioneering artists of the outlaw country movement of the '70s, he didn't have many big hits -- only three of his singles hit the Top Ten -- but he was among the biggest cult figures in country music throughout his career. He was born September 6, 1939 in Akron, Ohio.

Liar's Trial

Crossing the genres of classic country-western and old-school rock and roll, Liar's Trial is one of the latest bands to come out of the midwest to represent the outlaw country sound and spirit that was popularized by the likes of Haggard, Jennings, Nelson, and Billy Joe Shaver. Barn-burning tempos, gallows humor, shout-a-long choruses and eerie balladry comprise the heart and soul of Liar's Trial's repertoire. This band is just as comfortable pounding out anthems to a packed rock and roll club as it is wailing that lonesome sound to a honky-tonk full of good ol' boys.

Hodie Snitch

Classic and Outlaw Country from Chicago, IL

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