Los Palominos

La Tropa F

La Tropa F is a Tejano music group from San Antonio, Texas. Originally named Los Hermanos Farias, the group changed its name to La Tropa F in the 1980s. In 1993, the group won the Tejano Music Award for Best Album of the Year with Right On Track.

Grupo Massore

The Legandary Cumbia Superstars known for their hits such as
Toma Que Toma, El Pajaro Loco, Negro Yo Soy, La Mismia Situation.

G.T. Garza hails from a city that has produced some of hip-hops brightest stars, and is quickly gaining a name for himself as Houston’s next big Hip Hop star. Born in San Diego, California he moved to Houston at the age of five. At the age of 14 as a freshman in high school, he was inspired to stop listening to hip-hop and start creating it. Garza began to develop his own style and broke ground battle rapping in various Bars and Clubs. Once he perfected his style, he took his chances at the 2002 Import Expo.

Spanish Fly

Every generation has an artist that represents them whether it be “The King” Elvis Presley, “King of Hearts” Frank Sinatra or “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. Aki Starr is an artist that also transcends time with his soulful voice and ability to continuously create and lead pop music trends. Starr is an internationally acclaimed pop singer, songwriter and producer. He is also an accomplished actor, model and dancer, making him a 5-star threat. May we add, Aki Starr is also an on air personality/music director at two BDS/Mediabase FM radio stations, Rhythm 105.9 FM in Sacramento, California and ENERGY 96.9 FM in San Antonio,Texas!
Starr’s musical accomplishments have taken him from the dance floor to the homes of millions, writing hits for popular TV shows “Knock First”, “Jake 2.0″, “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Desperate Housewives” and others.
Starr has performed with world-class musicians including Malo and Jorge Santana. Additionally, Starr has been a member of the world renowned Renegade Rockers break dance crew, traveling and touring nationwide tearing up dance floors across the country.
Starr has a pulse for what is happening in popular culture and music with his chart-climbing Billboard singles. His songs are played on the radio, in clubs and in hot spots globally. Starr’s songs reign on top 10 dance, club and EDM (electronic dance music) charts making him one of the most relevant singers today.  His first single “The Closer I Get to You” was featured on iTunes as “New and Noteworthy” with its high-energy dance mix and dubstep beat. It was also featured on MTV’s “Sways Universe” as a top music video and praised by industry music veterans and dozens of music blogs and magazines and included remixes from Haze Banga, DJam Hassan, Giuseppe D, Clayton William, Ruben Lopez, Steve Gordon & Aki Starr.
Aki’s follow up single, “Illusion” was featured and charted on Dixie Dance Kings DJ Times and Kings Of Spins, peaking at number 35 as one of the hottest dance songs in the United States. Also on the package is an explosive, turbo charged music video that sent seismic waves across radio and television screens all over the world.  “Illusion” is a super energetic uptempo that fuses Dance, Pop, Electro, House & Dutch. There is even a pop-rock version that Aki produced himself that showcases great live drums, guitars and Hammond B3 playing. Remixes done by Klubjumpers, Lenny Ruckus, Dark Intensity, Carlos Mojica, Liam Keegan(UK), DJ Juanito and Hausaholics.
Aki Starr’s latest single “Toni9ht” has finally arrived!! Stay tuned for explosive remixes & production by Carlos Mojica, Dark Intensity, Lenny Ruckus, Klubjumpers, Radikal Twins(Korea), Bboy Wicket and legendary producer pioneer Dug Infinite. 
Sway Calloway, MTV Reporter, Personality
“Congrats to Aki on hot new song!”

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