Bummed Out

Andrew Jurcak
Jeff Mather
James O'Malley
Frank Wallis

The Suitz

Having jazz groups and trap rappers open for us, attention, ihop

The Gnar Wave Rangers

“For the past few months I have been documenting the weekend debauchery of Chicago’s very own The Gnar Wave Rangers, so believe me when I say they’re truly the most unique, weird, and kind of scary band on the scene right now. ” – Greg Stephen Reigh

Old Irving

Let’s start with a quick roll-call on the Old Irving sound. A firm handle on the soft-loud aesthetic? Check. Chicago working class roots? Check. A modern sound with a nod to the glory days of indie and alt-rock? Check.

Singer/guitarist Steven Elfinger and Drummer Joe Marino began Old Irving in 2012 in the heart of the neighborhood the band name represents. With the enlistment of bassist/multi-instrumentalist, Richard Clark, the trio has chiseled their midwestern punk rock to a melodic art.

Whether channeling the earnest sounds of Husker Du and Jawbreaker, emo punk favorites Saves the Day and Jimmy Eat World, or even the Clash, their pop poetry is filtered through a distorted lens.

Old Irving’s new EP is the true blue sound of long Chicago nights spent with your friends. These are the moments you’d never want to end.




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