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Chantel Marostica

Chantel Marostica, known for her unique brand of high energy, physical comedy, brings her jokes to life through a combination of storytelling, impressions, and spot on timing. Making Chantel a captivating performer, with a skewed perspective on observational comedy.

Chantel has had the privilege of performing in some of Canada's most prestigious festivals. Just For Laughs Festival 2006,Thunder Bay Comedy Festival 2007 and The Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2009-14

Having Emcee'd the Pride Main stage 2014, Chantel is also a regular host at Rumors Comedy Club, and holds the title for Rumors "funniest person with a day job", and recently placed top 3 in Sirius XM's "Next Top Comic" Winnipeg auditions.

She performed in the Park Theatre "Winnipeg Comedy Showcase #1" and headlined the Drunk Show #1 and 2 also at the Park Theatre.

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Pat Thornton

Pat Thornton is a Canadian stand-up comic, television actor, sketch comedian. A founding member of the sketch comedy troupe The Sketchersons, he has also appeared in sketch comedy programs Hotbox and Sunnyside.

Pat’s acting roles have included a recurring role in the sitcom Satisfaction, the web series Space Janitors and Everyone’s Famous, and guest appearances in Warehouse 13, Working the Engels, Spun Out and Royal Canadian Air Farce. He garnered two Canadian Screen Award nominations at the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards in 2014, in the categories of Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Satisfaction, and Performance in a Program or Series Produced for Digital Media for Everyone’s Famous

Amber Daniels

Amber Daniels is a TV producer, writer and comic originally from Winnipeg. She is back on the scene after 15 years in Vancouver where she made television, countless comedy shorts and wrote and starred in web series Hanging Tough and Pantsuits! She is the co-cost of the NBA podcast and upcoming web show Fat Kids on Basketball. Her stand up isn’t that bad.

Florence Spence

Florence Spence has been knocking it out of the park in the Winnipeg comedy scene lately. Bringing her perspective to various stages around the city, this is her first time on the Winnipeg Comedy Showcase and we can't wait to see what she brings to our stage

Ron Lynch

RON LYNCH is considered one of the forefathers of alternative comedy. Ron was part of the Boston comedy scene that spawned such comics as Steven Wright, Paula Poundstone, Bobcat Goldthwait, Marc Maron, and others featured with him in the documentary, "When Comedy Was King." Ron studied theater in New York and improvisation at Second City Chicago. Presently, he is the host/producer of the popular "Tomorrow!" variety show, now in its tenth year, which occurs every Saturday at midnight in Los Angeles. His act is a blend of characters, improvisation, sounds, and other stuff. His credits include The Sarah Silverman Program (he played all the doctors), Conan, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, and several sitcoms. His voice can be heard on Bob's Burgers, Adventure Time, Dr. Katz, Tim and Eric, and the cult favorite, Home Movies, where he was Mr. Lynch. Movie credits include "Smashed," "Murder in the First," several independents, and many short movies, including a few produced with Louie CK. He plays drums in two bands, both mostly comics, still hasn't done his taxes, and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland this last August!

Ben Miner

Ben Miner is a ridiculous human being. When he’s not patrolling the city decked out in his replica Spider-Man costume saving pedestrians from menacing looking pigeons he can be found on-air or on a comedy club stage. He’s been with Laugh Attack since day 1 and has hosted a variety of shows such as Chomping @ The Bit, The Vinyl Cut and Comic Stripped as well various segments and specials. Ben’s a stand-up comic first and foremost though. He’s been performing since 1998 and in that time he’s toured coast to coast in every club you can think of and he’s even performed at the Montreal Just for Laughs comedy festival. Ben’s also an award-winning gangsta-rap artist having performed everywhere from the Apollo Theatre in New York to Dubai and everywhere in between. Ok, part of this bio might not be true. Just saying.

Alright, good chat.

John B Duff

John B Duff is a Winnipeg stand-up comic and the 2005 winner of Winnipeg’s Funniest Person with a Day Job competition. He placed in the top 10 of CTV’s Nationwide Corner Gas Comic Genius competition and was a local finalist in the Just for Laughs National Homegrown Comic Competition 2007. When not crowing about competing in competitions, John enjoys giving the slip to Cancer and performing at festivals and clubs around North America.




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