A Si 2017 U.S. Tour - My Foolish Idealism "我愚蠢的理想主义" - 阿肆2017美国巡演

A Si 2017 U.S. Tour - My Foolish Idealism "我愚蠢的理想主义" - 阿肆2017美国巡演

A Si (阿肆), the best influential female singer in China, announced her first U.S. tour in support of her new album "My Foolish Idealism" via ModernSky, hitting 7 cities including Vancouver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Bloomington, New York and more cities TBA.

A Si, who‘s a female singer in China. She taught herself guitar
in 2008, and began to try to write songs and created some lyric in 2009. In the year of 2010, she was registered as an indie/pop singer in Douban website and participated in a variety of campus tours then. A Si, was famous known as singing a popular song "I was eating fried chicken in the People's Square" in 2011. At that time, she was spread widely and loved by some musicians and artists, including Lao Lang, Li Jian and Yao Chen those who introduced and recommended Asi strongly. In 2012, Asi was labeled by the
largest indie music organization Modern Sky in China, in the end of the year; her new single "Skimming Over The Surface" [Fu Guang Lue Ying as Chinese] was recruited and collected by album "Modern Sky 7". From then, Asi becomes an iconic character of a new female songwriter. In 2016 her new original album "My Foolish Idealism" once released, that was shocking the indie music field once again; without any doubt, Asi won the Chinese Mandarin Music Media Awards as Best Year Album, Abilu Music Award as Best Year Artist and the most popular pop single.

阿肆,因“我在人民广场吃炸鸡”崭露头角,为恋爱中的人精心谋划了一场“预谋邂逅”,也可以替你在受伤的时候用一句“有女朋友别忘了请我吃饭啊”一笑而过,写尽了恋爱中辛酸的炸鸡少女如今音乐风格日渐成熟,正以更为洒脱、独立的状态向少女小清新形象告别,经过不断历练,成为中国当前最具有影响力的创作女歌手。从小自学吉他的她,在苦学一年后就开始自己尝试创作写歌。2010年,阿肆以“放肆的肆”为名在豆瓣上注册音乐人并发布了多首歌曲 。2011年,推出个人单曲《我在人民广场吃炸鸡》。2012年,阿肆签约摩登天空。2013年,推出首张个人音乐专辑《预谋邂逅;同年,获得“第六届音乐风云榜新人盛典”最佳民谣歌手。2014年,凭借《我在人民广场吃炸鸡》获得“第21届东方风云榜颁奖盛典”十大金曲奖。2015年,在苏州、合肥、南京、上海举办“好肆初见”四城肆听会。2016年,发行创作专辑《我愚蠢的理想主义》。2017年7月20日,其专辑《我愚蠢的理想主义》获得首届唱工委CMA音乐颁奖盛典最佳专辑设计奖。

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