Aliza Latta

Aliza Latta


"For nine years Maeve Parker has been waiting for her mother to come home.

“I’ll be back soon, my darling,” her mother, Sage, said the day she left. “Don't you worry. I just need to go find myself.”

Do you have to run away in order to find yourself? Maeve wondered. When, exactly, do you know when that self you were so desperately looking for is found?

Now Maeve is sixteen-years-old and Sage still hasn’t returned.

Fiercely independent and disillusioned, Maeve has grown up with her mother’s ex-boyfriend as her only companion. Giving up all hope of Sage’s return, she convinces herself that mothers—and people—are unnecessary. When she meets Ky and Levi, she is adamant about keeping them at arms length. But Ky, the only true friend Maeve knows, and Levi, the boy with the startling blue eyes, crash through Maeve’s walls.

Then one of them is wrenched away—permanently. And Maeve is left dangling with the final words they left behind: go find Sage Parker."


Adelaide is new band from Burlington that started in December of 2016. The four members that make up the band are Dan Taylor, Ben Rudy, Adam Peters, and Matt Reynolds.

The writing process for these young lads began in the fall, and it wasn't long before the band had a small handful of songs that they were willing to share. Now, Adelaide is prepared to step onto the scene in full force with catchy, performance driven songs.

A strong starts helps cultivate room for a strong career. Adelaide has a full summer booked, playing legendary venues around southern Ontario. Some examples are Lee's Palace, The Opera House, Club Absinthe, Horseshoe Tavern, and the list goes on!

Adelaide is currently recording their first single (coming soon), and their debut EP.

When you see them, whether at their shows or walking around town, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself because they love meeting all sorts of new people.

From everyone at Adelaide, WE'RE STOKED to see you at one of our shows!


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