The Nuclears

"I'm downstairs doing the pinball rock, and I can hear this total whiskey-drinking, shit-kicking rock and roll, so I head up top to check it out - holy fuck, it's the Nuclears, this shit's coming outta those long-haired kids I just met a minute ago. The dude's singin' about, “Baby, baby, baby, don't do me like that.” Bad ass. And their guitar player, Eddie Van Halen protégé, God, the kid must practice like twenty-three hours a day."

-Mike Watt (the Minutemen, the Stooges)

The Jacks

Jack of Hearts -rhythm guitar/vocals

Jack of All Trades- keyboard, accordion, mandolin

Handsome Jack-bass guitar

Jack the Ripper-lead guitar/vocals


The Jacks is an original Americana band from Camp Hill. With two song writers and two singers, the bands variety of sounds will surely keep you interested.



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