Indie band from London, UK – as per own statement industrial spiritual. As per definition of the German press a quintet which plays "dream pop with dance elements" and "unconventional" and "obstinate".


French Vanilla is an art-punk band based in Los Angeles that regulates the dance floor with punchy bass lines, catchy sax hooks and socially engaged lyrics. They began partially driven by a desire to challenge the established SoCal music scene, dominated by a few influential (male) tastemakers, and they continue to be motivated by connecting with like-minded audiences. Originating in LA’s queer punk underground, the band's ideology assumes the generative nature of women’s and/or BFF’s collaboration, a message they want to spread until all dude-rock bands cease to exist. More than anything, FV wants you to have fun at their shows and they deliver impassioned performances with infectious energy and enthusiasm.

$10.00 - $12.00


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