Sludge/doom metal band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana formed in 2005.

- Current Lineup -
Matthew Thudium - guitar
Andy Gibbs - guitar
Mitch Wells - bass
Joshua Nee - drums
Bryan Funck - vocals

King Woman

A shoegaze/drone project started by Kristina Esfandiari.


Womajich Dialyseiz

Womajich Dialyseiz is an experimental improv collective made up of women, femmes and gender nonconforming people. Our central practice is regular, private group improv sessions. Additionally, we perform publicly, curate and book shows, and facilitate community workshops on experimental music, tech, and sociopolitical subjects. We support one another, and we support the visibility and elevation of women, femmes and gender dissidents in experimental music and beyond. The ensemble's personnel/makeup is fluid. Womajich Dialyseiz pays homage to the femme musicians in experimental music who have inspired and influenced their music, through their name (each letter represents a femme musician who had an impact on their lives and music) as well as their praxis.


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Strange Matter