The High Mile

The High Mile

The High Mile is a reggae-style band with it's own twist hailing from Pasadena, Tx. What started out as a two-person project became the four-person quartet they are today. The band formed in April of 2014 with the first two members David Gio Soto (Lead Vocals and Guitar) and Randy Mendoza (Vocals and Bass) who met in a music theory class at San Jacinto Community College. They jammed until they came across a friend, Athie Torres, who originally was asked to play drums but ended signing up as a guitar player. After going through a drummer the band had Cameron Heald sign on to play drums. They are currently on track to record an EP coming soon

Sol Antics

We are a band originating from Pasadena, Tx.
We have many influences from all over the place, but when we come together, we make a unique unified sound! We want to share our music with the world, one person at a time, so share us with your friends!

Big Bad Lion

We are a new age reggae band. Bringing the soul back from roots reggae, jazz, blues, and rock to make a very unique sound. Spreading peace, love, and unity



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