Vita And The Woolf

Vita And The Woolf

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Queen Of Jeans

Queen of Jeans is a a female-fronted quartet from South Philadelphia. With 60’s girl group-influenced vocal harmonies and textured melodic pop instrumentation, the Queens seamlessly blend the best of denimcore and crockpot pop. They’re also probably your mom’s favorite band, but they don’t like to make a big deal out of it.

“They got their name by putting a feminist spin on an uber-masculine piece of South Philly signage. They write pointed fuzz-rock songs punctuated by hooky melodies and retro-pop harmonies, washed in a dreamy soundscape. They’re Queen of Jeans, and they’re a band that needs to be on your radar.” WXPN’s The Key

“With vocal harmonies that sound like a long-lost 1960’s girl group that everyone would have danced to, the combo of Miriam Devora, Matheson Glass, Nina Scotto, and Patrick Wall is a kaleidoscope of jangle and denim. With their self-titled EP as the setting for their live fare, they should be your next band crush.” Philadelphia Magazine

Marian McLaughlin

Marian McLaughlin may reside full-time in D.C., but on Dérive, a sprawling collection of avant-garde folk songs, she sounds as if she’s wandered most of her life. “We’ve expanded the vacuum/With our incandescent light/We’ve kidnapped the nature of the night,” the musician warns on opener “Arcane Circadian,” sounding like a frazzled soothsayer who’s just stepped off the Greyhound, acoustic guitar in hand, to find her childhood city in shambles.

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