"Formerly known as Desoto Jones, KISKA ditches the radio friendly facade and re-emerges harder, grittier, stronger. Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, these guys have the determination and grit to pull the plug on their former sound and name, and tread through the flames and brandish themselves anew. Let it be known that KISKA is a force to be reckoned with, and played at maximum volume. Their debut self-titled album rocks a modern spin on a razor-sharp rock formula.

Their album is unforgiving and blistering with rock fury, intertwined with glimmering vocal harmonies that drive the massiveness home. KISKA is a great candidate to carry the banner for all alt-rock bands to come and this album solidifies them as a cornerstone of the genre!" - Ampkicker.com

American Dinosaur

Born in Philadelphia, Pa in August of 2013, American Dinosaur was founded on a love of songwriting and America. The basis of their formation shows in their music, as they are constantly trying to transform the sound of today’s popular music. Whether it is with their Blues/Rock guitar riffs, Hip-Hop influenced Drumming, or the Mellow Yellow bass lines, American Dinosaur is sure to have you tapping your feet. Woven together by sweet harmonies and even sweeter hooks, these 4 Soul Surfers won’t rest until the citizens of Earth know the wonders of American Dinosaur.

Son & Heir

Red Hymns

Red Hymns formed in December of 2015 and is currently in the process of releasing four three song E.P.s. The first E.P. is scheduled to be released August 20th 2016. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Studio in Montgomery NY.

The Bad Bees

We're all semi college educated people with a serious passion for making noises.



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