Louie Bruce is armed with a sharp tongue and a quick wit! He has been known for Bringing Laughs to ALL... He is not your Average Comedian! Raised as an Only Child, Louie was forced to entertain himself and his G.I. Joes for Hours and Hours, In 2003, he rediscovered this talent and knew either he was destined to make People Laugh onstage, or in Solitary Confinement however To the dismay of California Corrections, in 2005, He chose the Stage to release The Energy he held onto from Childhood and he is Guaranteed Funny!

Erik Lewin

Erik Lewin is a former criminal defense attorney turned stand-up comedian. Erik quickly learned that laughing juries don’t convict, and before long switched to full-time comedy. He is from New York City, and after several years in Los Angeles, recently relocated to Las Vegas. Erik performs his sharp, observational stand-up all over the country.

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