Jersey, the Haitian Sensation, as seen on Comic View

Jersey, the Haitian Sensation, is known as the "Hot Comic". He is filled with energy and upbeat at all times. Jersey speaks from the heart and breaches the gap between old generations and new generations. He is a different act with a bright future. He has had the opportunity to tour with Jeff Dunham, and has also featured for Tracy Morgan, Robert Schimmel, Charlie Murphy, Mo'nique, Chris Tucker, Ralphie May and many more. Audiences across the nation agree that Jersey the Hot Comic is the Haitian Sensation.

Linda Lou is baby-boomer comedian, author, and humorous public speaker who has performed on stages and spoken to groups nationwide. Her observational humor ranges from corporate and family-friendly to adults only. Linda Lou is also skilled emcee/host with a keen sense of timing.

A corporate trainer with over 20 years of experience, Linda Lou is a consummate professional. In addition to performing stand-up comedy, she speaks regularly about writing and topics relating to business and self-empowerment.



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