Funky Brunch & Market

Local Vendors, Local Food, Beer, & Brunch

Funky Brunch & Market is an indoor craft fair and vendor market series hosted at the Ardmore Music Hall. The event features a variety of local vendors, brunch menu, and live music. Admission for the event is free, and all ages are welcome.

The Whiskeyhickon Boys (The Band tribute set)

Uniquely Energizing, Fun, Folksy, and Extreme talent are the terms used to describe this trio known to dish out huge doses of Mother Funkin’ Gangsta Folk! The sounds in their repertoire of award winning originals, interspersed with covers make all their stuff sound brand new enabling them to entertain and simply WOW audiences of all ages.

This group also recognized as a minimalistic power trio brings Funk, Blues, Rap, and Scat influences and whatever else they feel when they hit the stage. Their energy is contagious and always contributes to the excitement and eccentric sound that presents itself when the feeling moves them. They pretty much are a different sound each and every time they perform.
This Trio is certainly worth seeing…guaranteeeeeeed!!!

Nik Greeley & Friends

Nik Greeley is known for being arguably the best frontman & performer in Philadelphia, and just in the last few years has established himself as one of the most entertaining & hard working musicians in the area, often being compared to the likes of James Brown, Joe Cocker, and Jim Morrison. Greeley released his solo debut EP Town Gypsy in Spring 2015, and has performed live sessions & received airplay on radio stations such as Radio 104.5, 88.5 WXPN, 93.3 WMMR, 93.7 WSTW and 95.9 WRAT. Greeley is also a member & singer in Philly's première funk band, Swift Technique, where he shares lead vocal duties with his female counter-part, Chelsea ViaCava. Members of ST also perform in The Operators, including the talented ST horn section.

Face Painting by The Mud Room

The mud room is a “paint your own” ceramic and craft studio. Our mission is to provide you with a healthy and enjoyable environment in which both adults and children can unite and feel the power of creativity!

Whether it is an hour of relaxation, a day of celebration, or an evening with friends, the mud room is here to fulfill your every creative and entertainment need.

We provide the highest quality bisque for “the artist” to design and craft the most unique work of art . . . a reflection of his or her own imagination and personality.

The mud room provides you with your every need – brushes, paints, glazes, stencils – whether you are a beginner or a professional, the mud room provides you with an endless possibility of expression.



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