Blake Perlman is the beautifully emotive, singing/songwriting daughter of actor Ron Perlman. Raised in an artistically prominent home, Blake has been pursuing acting and singing since childhood. Her metaphoric lyrics and idiosyncratic vocal style are greatly inspired by powerful female sopranos and such as Janis Joplin and Tori Amos. Gravitating on her first EP towards the narcotic sounds of downtempo and trip hop music in the vein of Portishead and Massive Attack, Blake's inviting yet keening voice lends itself to a wide range of electronic and hip-hop fusions.
To date, Blake has released a video for her first single 'Chameleon' off of her first EP, Out of Lines, which is slated to be self-released in early 2014. Her upcoming single 'Loser' was recently featured on the Sons of Anarchy. Furthermore, 'Drift', a track in which she collaborated with RZA of the Wu Tang Clan, was released on the official soundtrack of the internationally publicized film, Pacific Rim.



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