dark, twisted circus sideshow that’s built around bombastically grooving melodic death n’ roll is swinging forward with captivating glee, mesmerizing merriment and the plundering power of lethal pirates toward those brave souls who hand over a ticket to be torn by Avatar and their Black Waltz, the fourth album and first proper American release from the Swedish masters of mayhem.
Within Avatar’s diverse songs, a steady focus on the fluid and organic power of the riff (recalling the thunderous foresight of heavy metal’s original wizards, Black Sabbath) takes flight combined with an adventurous sprit veering off into the astral planes of the psychedelic atmosphere conjured by pioneers like Pink Floyd back in the day.

When Towers Fall

High energy ADD Progressive Rock/Metal from Omaha,NE. Debut album "The Mind Immoral" LP coming August 2015. A 12 song concept album that dives into the human psyche. The story begins with a series of events that spiral the main character into the depths of his own mind, and he finds something lurking there, struggling to escape.

$16 ADV/$18 DOS


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