Light Horizon comes to you from the 419 area with open arms, bringing you the best of many genres within the Rock scene.
Having a history working on music in several projects together, these four are on the upswing with their songwriting and flow as an overall high-energy Rock band. Warming up the stage for national acts, such as Kesha, He Is Legend, Smashing Satellites, The Ataris and more is something Light Horizon takes on with a full head of steam. At the end of the show, you will walk away with a smile on your face and a clenched fist. This hard-hitting band will have you banging your head or swaying your hips all night!

Jesse Smith & the Holy Ghost


Bathhousebetty from Toledo Ohio are bringing Hardcore Punk to a town near you! In the past two years we have been tirelessly playing all over!


Saturnine Hello

we like it loud. Saturnine Hello is a well polished hint of all the things you love about rock'n roll. The diverse backstreets and alleyways of sounds that the band takes you on, harks back to the glory days of what was once your innocence. True, gritty, passionate songs, with a modern feel and a nod to the past as Saturnine Hello looks to the future.

The Figs Posey

The Infinity Process


Formerly known as Falling With Style, Nuaudio began their career in the fall of 2010. The original lineup consisted of Nick Wilson on guitar, Daniel Kowalczyk on drums, Devin Wades on guitar, and Dave Cerelli on bass. As their first show arose, the need for a singer became apparent. After months of searching for a voice, they found what they were looking for right in front of them. Falling With Style progressed with Nick as their singer. It stuck. Falling With Style made a name for themselves playing shows all around Michigan.

Spring of 2012 rolled around, and with it came big changes. By May, Daniel Kowalczyk was no longer playing for Falling With Style. This created a void that needed to be filled. The band spent the entire summer without a drummer, until mid August. Dylan Osborne joined the band after only one tryout, exceeding the expectations of the entire band. The missing piece had been placed, moving the band forward to their biggest show yet. The first show with their new-found member landed them as an opening act for Rex Brown (bassist of Pantera) and Vinny Appice's (drummer of Black Sabbath/Ronnie James Dio) new project called Kill Devil Hill.

Shortly after this show, the band recruited a third guitarist, Tim Kennedy, to add a new dynamic to their writing. After weeks of hard work and dedication to song writing it became clear to the band that they had evolved as musicians and that they were no longer the 'Falling With Style' they came to know. This gave rise to their new name, Nuaudio. Nuaudio is a progressive rock band with unique members of equal talent, who one day hope to bring a unique sound to the mainstream world.

The Kerplunks

Taunting Giants

Took Too Much

Emma Lee

Mindless Matters

$10.00 - $12.00


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