Funkadelic Gathering,  Featuring Wax Future

Comprised of Connor Hansell, Keith Wadsworth and Jamal Rab, Wax future is a mosaic of modern electronica, blending elements of everything from funk to glitch through a live, improvisational lens. Taking from further roots in hip hop and soul, the philadelphia group is constantly expanding upon its original thesis, while effortlessly maintaining a cathartic focal point of sound.

coming off a relentless summer of festival performances, capped by a support play to pretty lights at the bank of new hampshire pavilion in laconia, Wax Future now looks to the release of their make Me Feel Again EP through Adapted records on october 3rd.

Electronic Hip Hop moniker, Krooked Drivers (formerly a guy/girl duo), has been captivating ears ever since the launch of their musical vision in 2011. Once accompanied by Maddy O'Neal, the duo split up in February of 2016, leaving D'Albora to take on Krooked Drivers as a solo project.

Donnie D'Albora, born and raised in New York, is now based out of Denver, Colorado. Krooked Drivers keeps the sound of the past alive, sampling vinyl records from past eras, collaging breaks and organic elements, and creating an entirely new feeling/direction. Blending heavy hitting basslines with neck breaking drum patterns, and endless sample chops, rest assured, Krooked Drivers will take you down an emotionally driven roller coaster ride that will leave you begging for more.

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