Northwest of New Orleans

A monthly jazz showcase/variety show hosted by Hot Club of Spokane

Hot Club of Spokane

Hot Club of Spokane is an organization of local musicians committed to the preservation of jazz, swing, and blues, named for the famous Hot Club of France from the 1930s. Although the Quintet of the Hot Club of France is synonymous with the music of Django Reinhardt and what today has become known as “jazz manouche,” the original Hot Club was in fact an actual club or organization - not a band - begun by college students to support the preservation of jazz in the wake of the Great Depression. Hot Club of Spokane adopted a similar mission, and since its founding in 2007, the group now employs 20 musicians organized in five to eight piece ensembles that perform in and around the Inland Northwest.

Hot Club of Spokane’s most notable preservation projects have included an annual festival that brought New Orleans musicians to Spokane in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (2006-2009), and a “live music, documentary film experience” that tells of the rise from small-town childhood to national fame for Spokane’s own jazz royalty, Bing Crosby, Mildred Bailey, and Al Rinker. To reach younger audiences, Hot Club of Spokane has now developed a repertoire of electro-swing sets - that’s hot jazz and swing music set to hip hop and house beats.

Hot Club of Spokane has opened for The Stolen Sweets, The Portland Cello Project, Casey MacGill, The Shanghai Woolies, and The Hot Club of Cowtown, with additional collaborative appearances with Howard Crosby (Bing’s nephew), Hot Club of New Orleans, Matt Munisteri, Andreas Oberg, and Washboard Chaz Leary. Members of Hot Club of Spokane also briefly appear in the Rezolution Pictures documentary, “Rumble: Indians That Rocked The World” which tells the story of Native American contributions to American music. The film was screened at Sundance in January 2017 and will soon be available on PBS.

Johnny J and the Flat Foot Floogies

The music that Johnny J & The Flat Foot Floogies play is about having fun. It’s about not taking life and ourselves too seriously, but instead enjoying songs about dancing, motorcycles, fish frys, and chickens … to name a few. Several of the songs that JJ & the FFFs play were written by Johnny in the early 1990s and are just now being debuted for the first time.

Besides playing music together, Johnny and Jojo build vintage cafe racer motorcycles. They started 59 Cafe Classic Motorbikes’ Vintage Motorcycle Group in the Spokane and Coeur d’ Alene area. Occasionally, you can even find JJ & The FFFs playing at their monthly Vintage Bike Night – bringing the best of both worlds – vintage motorbikes and swing music – together for an evening that will transport you right back to 1951.

Miss LeeLee

In 2011, a few bandmembers in Hot Club of Spokane started a side-project called “The Spotted Cats.” Who fronted the band? None other than Miss LeeLee, who teamed up with Casey MacGill in the 1990s to bring Spokane its own version of the swing revival. LeeLee has also been featured often on the local blues scene. Expect to hear a few signature tunes from her at Northwest of New Orleans. “Don’t want no fancy car, don’t want no caviar…” Whadaya Want?!?

Jace Fogleman

Jace Fogleman is a South Louisiana native who currently resides in Spokane, Washington. Jace’s natural talent and love of music was apparent by the age of four. He studied at the Acadiana Symphony Conservatory for eight years then continued his studies at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Jace recalls early highlights: singing at Santa Susanna in Rome while traveling in Europe; performing at Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco’s Inauguration; entertaining his first large audience on a cruise ship; singing in an audition room used by Judy Garland at Radio City Music Hall; saddling up to the Sardi’s piano to belt out a tune; just to name a few.
Upon relocating to the Northwest, Jace was approached by a local production company for a show featuring music from the 50s and 60s. Jace then auditioned and was cast in “Songs for a New World” (2012) attended by the show’s NYC composer, Jason Robert Brown. He was also cast in “Les Miserables” (2013) for an 8 week run at Spokane Civic Theater, he was recalled for an encore in its revival which included the Spokane Symphony (2014). He continues to remain involved in different musical productions in the area.

Classically trained and honed in Broadway musicals, yet always wanting to pursue his love for jazz, Jace began singing with Spokane’s MasterClass Big Band. He performs regularly with this well-respected 19 member band at notable Spokane venues with frequent appearances in contiguous states. Jace also performs with Hot Club of Spokane, a jazz band specializing in traditional and New Orleans-style “gypsy” jazz.

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