It Hurts to Be Dead, The Dolly LLamas, Ratchet Action Cult

It Hurts to Be Dead

Composed of former members of Wichita Falls rock bands The Advance, 10X10, Chillum, and Au Contraire ; IHTBD began playing and writing together in Feb.2010.

The Dolly LLamas

The Dolly Llamas aka Forrest James and Something Strange are made up of Jett Middlebrooks on drums and the Llama Man Forrest Cook (me) on Gits, yells and angelic melodies. We play what we want and try to have as much fun as we can pack into these jams as possible. Long time friends, this hooligan association has blossomed into something as beautiful as two putrid slime balls can get. This is a garage band. We play Rock and Roll in punk rock jackets. Forrest (me, again) is a long time skater, writer, punker, and devout follower of the Cthulhu cult, while Jett sticks to video games, horror movies, and plain old Beelzebub. This is a fun band, so smile... and enjoy the music.
The band was formed in 2013. Our first Album was released in Spring of 2015 and is available at shows, and is free to hear at and along with our origional three song demo.

Ratchet Action Cult

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