Hannah Blaylock (from Edens Edge) & Kate Coleman

Hannah Blaylock

Here we are friends. We’ve made it. We’ve finally made it. It has been so much fun sharing this new music with you hearing all of your favorites and reactions. Keep the messages coming! They literally make my life. To everyone that came to the record release show, THANK YOU for literally being a ball of light and love to get to sing these songs in full form to for the first time. I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect evening.

I know I have said it literally a thousand times but thank you again for all of your support and encouragement through the journey of making this record.

Thank you’s are so very important to me and it has taken SO many people’s help and sacrifice to make all this happen. So I wanted to highlight the thank you section that will be on the record as well as all the songwriters that were gracious enough to write these songs with me.

So excited to see where this record takes us and the growth it will have. Thanks for spreading the world y’all! All the love in the world to each and every one of you <3<3<3<3<3


1. BANDIT QUEEN- Frank Romano/Hannah Blaylock

2. HEATWAVE- Martin Strayer/Emily Robison/Hannah Blaylock

3. LOVE ME WILD- Randy Montana/Hannah Blaylock

4. SHOULD’VE BEEN- Autumn McEntire/Alyssa Bonagura/Hannah Blaylock

5. IF I COULD DRINK TIME- Sarah Emily Barrios/Hannah Blaylock

6. BULLET- Emily Robison/Martin Strayer/Hannah Blaylock

7. GOOD SOLDIER’S WIFE- Billy Montana/Jon Stone/Hannah Blaylock

8. SMALLTOWN BIG SHOT- Phil Barton/Hannah Blaylock

9. GOOD FOR ME- Cliff Audretch/Autumn McEntire/Hannah Blaylock

10. FENCES- Brandon Hood/Jeffrey Steele/Hannah Blaylock

THANK YOU Songwriters – who wrote these beauty song babies and so many more with me. Martin Strayer – for writing, playing, producing, advising, supporting and believing in me and asking nothing in return. Emily Robison – for being a hero worth looking up to and so much more. Marti McGuire – for doing the same and for your insane generosity. The Players on the record that dove into the depths to create something special as if it were your own. Kenny MacPherson and Big Deal Music – your funding and involvement has been vital and I thank you. All the patient Supporters and Believers that haven’t give up on me – I’m in awe of you. Autumn McEntire Sizemore- for being the first person to jump and stay on this crazy train into the unknown- you are a true talent and a truer friend. Toby Gilbert, Chris Burke, Jason Jenkins, and Matt Niehoff – for being my people and giving your genuine loyalty, sacrifice and insane amounts of hard work. My Family – for your unwavering love and support in every way possible. All my Friends – I cherish you endlessly and don’t deserve you. My husband Justin – for doing whatever it took so I could keep making music. I know what it feels like to be known and truly loved in this life because of you. You are my greatest gift – If I don’t do nothing else . Lastly, to THE BANDIT QUEEN, for showing me how to be brave.

Kate Coleman

I'm a Cheektowaga lady on borrowed time and rented land.

Deliriously strumming and singing any chance I can.

I'm aimless, jaded, hopeful, starved and confused.

But I wrote some songs, maybe I wrote them for you.

$8.00 - $12.00


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