AdHoc Presents: Stolen Jars

Stolen Jars

Stolen Jars came out of 2011, out of the lead up to graduating High School, out of leaving home. During that year spent recording guitar loops in my bedroom, I was brought back to the punk and ska records I listened to as a kid, and still listened to, brought again to the many indie, art-rock, and pop artists who had opened my eyes to what was possible, to what I liked about music. All of this somehow turned into an album, and then, with Molly three years later, into a second one. Stolen Jars came out of our hometown, out of the growing music scene that somehow cropped up in Montclair, NJ, but it became something more. It became music about leaving home, finding a new one, and trying to remember.

On Zula's debut album, This Hopeful, the New York-based four-piece showcase a refreshing, forward-thinking approach to psychedelic pop music. The songs weave melody through interlocking, hypnotic rhythms — suspended spaces designed to disrupt the usual flow of time. Although Zula formed in late 2010, the musical kinship of cousins Henry and Nate Terepka (both on vocals, guitar and synths) first developed through family jam sessions during the holidays. Taking inspiration from 90's UK indie-dance, krautrock and funk, the band has built a reputation for their energetic live show and for constantly pushing their heavily rhythmic sound. They have been known to deliver entire sets of never-before-played material. This restless creativity is apparent on the album, which sounds raw and spontaneous, yet meticulously detailed. It is a record with effortless flow and pulse, but enticing depth. For zoning in or out.



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