Wreckless Eric

Wreckless Eric

Wreckless Eric is Eric Goulden. He was given the name to hide behind. After a while he realized he was stuck with it. Onstage he hides behind nothing, he tells the truth with big open chords, lilting enchantment, squalls of feedback, dissonance, bizarre stories and backchat.

Eric began his recording life on Stiff Records in 1977 with his enduring hit Whole Wide World when he was little more than an ex-teenage art student. Eventually he sidestepped the mechanics of stardom to become Britain’s biggest underground household name, much loved and often underestimated.

He shuns the dictates of nostalgia and doesn’t do comebacks because he never went away. He won’t recreate 1978 for you, he’ll blow your mind instead. Forty years of touring have left him in good shape. He’s coming to town.

Be Cool Cowboy

A long time ago, a guy named Chris gave another guy named Hagg a homemade bereavement card. The card was for the death of Hagg's grandfather. On the front of the card was a vintage picture of a hand drawn cowboy, which was edited in photoshop and colored with a faded pastel color scheme. In helvetica across the top of the card read the words, "Be Cool, Cowboy." When Chris gave him the card, Hagg smiled. I witnessed the exchange and waited until the day I would be able to use the phrase for a band name.

I named a band 'Be Cool Cowboy.' Bob, Katie, Dan and I had a blast, playing in upstate New York for a few years in basements and house parties. In 2008, we went our separate ways after college. We had one full length and a couple songs on some compilations.

During a trip to LA in April, my friend Sean told me that 'Be Cool Cowboy' was easily one of the best band names he had ever heard. I had been writing and recording a slew of material for several months prior. In need of a band name, and feeling the bitter twinge of nostalgia, I decided to steal the name from my former-self and bandmates and start a new band with the same name.

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