Stabbing Westward

Stabbing Westward

American industrial rock band founded in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois and disbanded in 2002.

Lineup for "Ungod": Christopher Hall (vocals, keyboards), Walter Flakus (keyboards), Jim Sellers (bass), Stuart Zechman (guitars, bass), and David Suycott (drums).

Lineup for "Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel": Christopher Hall (vocals, guitar), Andy Kubiszewski (drums, guitar, backing vocals, and programming), Walter Flakus (keyboards, guitar & programming), Jim Sellers (bass, guitar).

Lineup for "Darkest Days": Christopher Hall (vocals, guitar), Walter Flakus (keyboards), Andy Kubiszewski (drums, keyboards, backing vocals, guitar), Marcus Eliopulos (guitar), Jim Sellers (bass).

Lineup for "Stabbing Westward": Christopher Hall (vocals), Walter Flakus (programming, guitar, keyboards), Jim Sellers (bass), Andy Kubiszewski (drums).

Robbing Jon

We're an 'Average' cover band from St. Louis, MO, but none of us are named Joe. 🙁

The Faded Truth

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