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"I like music that commits, that has a strong presence. We're all passionate people. We don't shy away from controversial topics, and we don't worry much about playing the 'right way' to match a specific genre," says Erin Frisby, singer and multi-instrumentalist for Washington D.C. based rock band, FuzzQueen.

Erin, Ben Tufts, and Chris Stelloh toured nationally for four years together as Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray, a band remarked upon by the likes of PopMatters, Sound Opinions, and Gaper's Block to have a knack for seamlessly bringing together diverse influences and sounds.

The trio's new artistic venture, FuzzQueen is poised to introduce a completely unique sound that draws on 70's rock, acid folk, 90's indie, psychedelia, social activism, and post apocalyptic literature and film. FuzzQueen is the darker, heavier, mystical twin sister of the previous project. The band has most recently settled into Washington D.C. group music house where they host art and music shows.

"We're a band made up of three songwriters. We all sing and play multiple instruments," says Chris Stelloh, "We're living in D.C. now, but we've brought a lot of that California feel back with us. Imagine if Fleetwood Mac had done a lot of peyote instead of all that coke."

"Wall of Sound" and "Big Rock and Roll" are phrases that come to mind at a FuzzQueen show. The musicianship and the catchy hooks are there, but they're surrounded in a powerful and exquisite storm of impressive vocal harmonies, crashing guitars, and intense building dynamics.

FuzzQueen will release their first single, "Sailing Empty Tonight", on Friday, August 19th followed by a music video on August 27th. The release of their first EP will follow. The band is touring the East Coast region.

Foster Carrots

Foster Carrots accepts the challenge of putting music to the experience growing up othered and rides the emotional wave with punk attitude. Let out a roaring "FUCK YOU" to the oppressors of the world and sing along to songs about the facts of surviving youth as a marginalized person; violence, abuse, love, and the many faces of oppression.



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